25 Secrets to Writing Viral Blog Posts

Almost every blogger’s dream is to write viral blog posts. There are particular blog posts telling bloggers on how to make viral blog posts. However, most do not hit the nail on the head.

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What are Viral Blog Posts?

Viral blog posts refer to posts that are widely shared by individuals online. Due to the widespread use of different social media platforms, the chances of content going viral is significantly high. However, not all posts go viral. This aspect bugs most bloggers, leaving them to question what they have to do to get viral blog posts. In this article, we will reveal the twenty-five most helpful tips on how to get viral blog posts.

Tips on How to Get Viral Blog Posts

There are several things you need to do for a post to go viral. First and foremost, it means that it has to strike a chord among people that they resonate with. Here are twenty-five secrets to writing viral blog posts:

Be Yourself

The most unique and most straightforward way you can get viral blog posts is by sticking to who you are as a writer. At times, bloggers are tempted to adopt the writing style of another famous blogger. In the end, things do not end up working out for them. What you need to do is be yourself and be passionate about your subject and writing style. There can never be another you, so stop trying to get rid of your writing skills and style before you even give it a try.

Be Generous when Sharing Your Knowledge

Some bloggers tend to be selfish when sharing information. Their thought, perhaps, is that sharing too much information can lead to competition. For example, some may think that revealing too much knowledge on how to earn from a blog can make the audience give them stiff competition in their niche. The bottom line is that you cannot succeed or get viral blog posts if you have such a mentality. It is only possible if you are generous in sharing your knowledge.

25 Secrets to Writing Viral Blog Posts

Align Your Content with the Blog’s Objectives

You cannot write entertaining content only if you aim at informing your readers. Additionally, you cannot keep revoking vices if you aim at creating awareness via your content. You ought to align your posts with the objectives of your business or blog. After you align them, the readers will know what to expect when reading your content. Since what you have written meets the goals of your blog, they will widely share your content, resulting in viral blog posts. Hence, before you start writing your content, ensure you first list the objectives of the blog. You will end up writing materials that are bound to stand out.

Study Viral Content

To get viral blog posts, you have to study other viral blog posts to understand why they are spreading at such a high rate. Survey what content goes viral and what the public pays attention to the most. Each day, there are new viral blog posts, videos, photos, and so on. Keep track of all of these viral blog sites to get valuable guidelines on how to get top viral posts. However, you must never duplicate ideas or content. The analysis is only meant to open your eyes to viral blog topics that most people relate to.  

Study Your Readers

Besides surveying the top viral sites, you also need to survey your readers. In most cases, most bloggers pay little to no attention to the people that are reading their content. As a result, they end up producing content that connects no way with their readers. If you want the most viral blog posts ever, then you have first to understand what your audience wants. Look at viral articles where they have revealed their most significant problems, struggles, or pains. After you understand their obstacles, try to come up with useful and practical content to help them out. You can only know that you have hit the nail on the head if your work goes viral.

Know the Kind of Attention You Want

Not all viral content gets the attention it has because it is informative or exciting. Some materials go vital because they are offensive, vulgar, shocking, or misleading to people. Bloggers who go viral for such work are not considered famous but instead notorious. You can quickly get this title if you focus more on condemning every single aspect that the public does. If not, it could be because of the language you use, your reasoning, or the content you produce. Therefore, ensure that you first figure out what attention you want. The content you provide profoundly impact on the publicity you get.

Be Open-Minded

All bloggers ought to be open-minded, especially when they are writing a controversial blog post. Not all controversies get viral attention because they are right. In most cases, controversial blogs get so much attention because they tend to lean more in one point of view and condemn the other. Such posts require that you be open-minded when you are tackling them. If not, you will get uncalled for widespread attention that may lead to a negative reputation, causing your downfall as a blogger.

25 Secrets to Writing Viral Blog Posts

Write What People Want

Some bloggers are tempted to write about what they want instead of what their audience wants. The problem with such an approach is that you are not the person reading the article. The public is, and if it does not relate to what they are looking for, then they will not read your piece. It is regardless of how interesting it is. So, do not write about one thing after the other, hoping that one of them or all of them will end up as viral blog posts. You will have to research what the people need and understand how to meet their needs. In your writing, ensure that you pay attention to what people want and how they can achieve the results they want. 

Tackle One Problem at a Time

Have you ever read a blog post hoping to get one result and end up being more confused or overwhelmed than before? It can happen, especially if you are reading posts where the writer has focused on tackling so many issues in one article. As you read through these issues and their solutions, you end being pulled in so many different directions. In the end, you do not know what solution is for which problem and also if it is effective. That is what happens when you try to tackle so many issues in one blog post.

Make Your Blog Post Transformational

Have you come across comments in a blog post such as, ‘Where has this been all along?’ If you have, then this is what we refer to as a transformational effect. You do not want people to read your post and have an okay attitude. If you are going for viral blog posts, then you have to strive to get the transformational effect. The effect shows that your readers do not just share your articles. Instead, they remember them too. Thus, strive to get that wow factor or the transformational effect in all your articles.

Incorporate Images and Video in Your Content

Visuals and graphics are quite fundamental when it comes to creating a long-lasting impression. Hence, always use images and videos in your blog posts. They can make your articles to become popular very quickly. Nonetheless, you do not grab every video or image in your closet. You have to select the visuals that align with your content. So, take your time to research on what images and videos to use. You also have the choice of making a short video of yourself, for example, giving your thoughts on the topic of interest. These images and videos are excellent in capturing the attention of your readers and also making your content more relatable. Similarly, using images and videos makes your work more likely to be shared widely, eventually becoming viral blog posts. 

Write a Lot of Content

Bloggers must remember that only a good blog post will go viral. Hence avoid assuming that every article that you will write will also make it to the list of viral blog posts. It does not work that way. The trick is to strive always to produce constant and quality posts. Quality work will increase your chances of your articles going viral. Additionally, it increases the traffic in your blog. So, as much as you are trying to create lots of content, try also to give it a unique element. You should also give your work an irresistible personal touch that draws readers.

25 Secrets to Writing Viral Blog Posts

Take Your Time when Developing Your Blog Titles

The title of your blog post is so significant because this is what your readers will see first. Similarly, it plays a considerable role when it comes to the search engines indexing your post. Instead of going for monotonous and plain headlines, try to give them a twist that makes them catchy and appealing. Catchy titles will increase the chances of your audience sharing your blog post. You can research on how to write catchy headlines if you struggle with writing titles. Do not expect to be a pro overnight. It takes time. If not, you can always look for a ghostwriter for hire, for example, from SCRIPT MILLERS to help you with your headlines. Note that the ghostwriting service rates may vary in SCRIPT MILLERS and those in other services. 

Focus on Trendy Subjects

There are little chances of having viral blog posts if your work is more or less a duplicate of another author’s work. Similarly, you need to forget about viral blog posts if you are tackling a subject that hardly any reader knows or cares about. It does not mean that writing an=bout an unfamiliar subject is wrong. No, it is not. However, it is not an approach that assures your viral blog posts. Instead, try and keep up with emerging trends by looking on the web, perusing popular magazines, and visiting sites such as Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and so on. You will get a glimpse of what individuals are currently reading, watching, and discussing from these platforms. After getting such ideas, pen them down into writing, ensuring that every statement is original. 

Write Original Content

When most bloggers think of writing viral blog posts, they immediately think that this is only possible if one picks a popular blog topic. However, this is not the case. You can always select a new topic and manage to get viral blog posts. The trick is always to have an original take on every blog post that you write. People do not want to read what they have already read from another blog. They want to get original and fresh ideas on various topics. So, take your time and come up with creative and authentic material that is absent from other blogs. It is the key to getting viral blog posts.

25 Secrets to Writing Viral Blog Posts

Write about Personal Experiences

Nowadays, most content that is going viral is that one that encompasses personal experiences matched with results. For example, it could be a blog post on how to lose weight. In such a case, the blogger may have documented the steps they took. They may accompany them with pictures of before, after, and throughout their weight loss journey. You will find out that most people connect with posts that lean more on personal experiences. It is one of the best strategies that bloggers can adopt today if they want to get viral blog posts.

Involve the Public in Your Writing

Although most bloggers do not know this, you can attain viral blog posts by involving your readers in the writing. According to viral articles on how do posts go viral, one suggestion is to consolidate the readers’ ideas into your writing. However, you do not take their perspectives as they are and put them down in writing. You will have to interpret their ideas in a different way to avoid conflicts of interest. Such a method can help you in getting a good rapport with other content creators.

Strive to become an Expert in Your Niche

If you have read most articles from famous freelancers such as SCRIPTMILLERS.COM, then you will identify one thing. These freelancers emphasize the need for understanding and becoming an expert in your niche. It is because if you do not understand your niche, you will end up writing half-baked information. If not, you will produce content telling the readers what they already know about the subject in question. The sad part is that you might never know that this is happening until it is too late. Hence, take time to understand your niche. The knowledge you attain will help you in writing useful posts that might end up as viral blog posts.

Take Advantage of the Power of Social Media

Some bloggers wait for the readers to promote their content. It is one of the most unrealistic moves that any blogger looking to get viral blog posts can make. Instead of waiting upon your audience to make your content widespread, use social media platforms to promote it yourself. Share your posts on various social media platforms such as Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and the likes. The more you spread, the higher the chances of it becoming viral. Start then to connect with your readers and the public at large on social media and other social bookmarking sites.

Write about Something that You are Passionate about

According to most bloggers and freelancers from great ghostwriting services such as SCRIPTMILLERS.COM, there is something unique about viral blog posts. It is what denotes which post makes it to the list of viral blog posts of the week and those that do not. Viral blog posts tend to express something that the writers are passionate about. For example, their setbacks, difficulties, pains, hardest lessons, and so on. Writers who are passionate about their writing tend to transfer the same passion and enthusiasm in their writing. As a result, their work ends up resonating with so many people, since it is engaging and relatable. This is the kind of content that people share with their friends or other people. It tends to make them see the person behind the computer instead of just the writing. So, write about something that you are passionate about or have close ties with.

Proofread Your Blog Post 

Before you publish your post, you should go through it a couple of times to ensure that it contains no errors. People do not share content that is full of errors that tend to make the work hard to read. Instead, they share posts that are easy to read, straightforward, and accurate due to lack of transitioning, punctuation, grammatical errors, or misspellings. So, put your time and energy into correcting each post until it is top-notch.

Design Your Blog Posts

In addition to using images and videos, there are several design elements that you can implement to make your blog post stand out. These design elements can attract a lot of readers who can widely share your posts. The problem is that most bloggers do not know of these design elements. Therefore, they end up producing content that is similar to that of other bloggers on the web. You can use special design features, such as custom animation and creative graphics in your writing. They are excellent ways of getting more social traffic to your site.

Insert Your Personality in Your Writing

Most bloggers, especially the beginners, are afraid to showcase their personality through their blog posts. As a result, they tend to be stiff and end up creating a hard exterior. In most cases, readers want to know who is behind the writing. It is not by the name by instead the personality. You will gain nothing by hiding your personality from your audience. So, inject your personality into your posts. It is only possible if you start writing your work from the heart. Do not try to be like other content writers from SCRIPT MILLERS, iWriter, or so on. Instead, tap into your intuition and write in a way that feels natural to you and your readers. Your style may not be perfect, but it certainly helps the readers understand who you are. Similarly, it is among the essential facets of writing original blog posts.

Motivate People through Your Writing

Do not write for the sake. Instead, aim at helping people or motivating them to better themselves or accomplish various things. For example, if you are a travel blogger, ensure that you motivate people to travel more. Similarly, if you are a fitness blogger, try and persuade people to take up a healthier lifestyle. The approach you use is what will determine if you resonate with them and ultimately get your content being shared.

Write with an Audience in Mind

Researching what your audience wants does not mean that you will write with them in mind. You might research and end up writing with another target in mind. For example, you may research what people want when working out and identify that it is resistance training. However, resistance training varies in most audiences. It is important to focus on a single person when you are writing. For example, if you are writing an article on resistance training, target a single group such as women who have just given birth. So, write an article on how such women can incorporate resistance training in their lifestyle.

You no longer have to worry about getting viral blog posts after reading this article. We have thoroughly researched and come up with twenty-five secrets that can help you write viral blog posts. Check them out and try them today!

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