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You often come across the terms ghostwriter and ghostwriting online and wonder what that is, you develop an interest in wanting to be a ghostwriter, but unsure on how to ghostwrite, how much you can earn and achieve from ghostwriting, and whether it’s a real means of making a living.

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From a professional point of view, we script millers, have encountered several ghostwriting clients. Most of these clients are movers and decision-makers of the different industries, while some are business owners wanting to develop, manage, and run blogs on their commercial sites.

Let me disclose to you that the ghostwriting rates available online vary a lot. With script millers, you will get rates that are pocket friendly since we provide affordable ghostwriting services.

Remember, every business owner wants to maximize profit and minimize loss by all means. But, Script millers are customer-oriented, and we ensure that by the end of the bargain, both parties are satisfied.

Therefore, if you are looking for ghostwriters who will ensure delivery and quality content of your work, visit for detailed insight.

Are you looking for a ghostwriter for hire?

Ghostwriting is an excellent way to diversify ideas from a different person’s point of view.

If you want to hire a ghostwriter, the thought of how to handle the process probably sounds tedious.

These are the essential information you need to know before hiring one:

popular content writing service

Explore different podiums on ghostwriters

There is a vast range of ghostwriter platforms that can do articles, blog posts, and books. It is advisable to understand that different platforms have varying regulations on hiring writers. To get the best option, do review viewing.

Search for writers in your specialization

You should ensure that the writers you are looking to know what you want. One can do this by asking for samples. It is advisable to consider the tone, too, to know precisely the target market.

You pay for what it is worth

Not a single writer with a gold rating will settle for less money. The more expensive a writer is, the higher the quality of work. However, you don’t need to dig deep into your pocket to hire a ghost because there are affordable options too.

Prepare applicable questions for the interview

To ensure that the selected writer has the knowledge you need, ensure your interview is trusting them with your work.

Stipulate your expectations

By so doing, you will ensure that both of you are on the same page. Present all the formal and informal technicalities before you start working together.

Hiring a ghostwriter is never easy

With all the information you need to know when hiring a ghostwriter, script millers can provide a wide range of content with their professional ghostwriters. These contents range from article writing, blog content, ebooks, and various product descriptions.

For any inquiries about our exceptional services, visit We are ready to engage with you and always happy to serve and help.

In need of affordable ghostwriting services?

At this point, I have you looking forward to being a ghostwriter, but is probably wondering where you can start or find work, with a keen interest in working from home? Stress no more places to visit are:

Script millers – click on – script millers continually hire academic and article writers to write for clients on a variety of topics. Here, the writers have high ratings and provide affordable ghostwriting services that cater to all the client needs. The services offered are pocket friendly and of distinctly high quality. We also have a series of clients with fantastic testimonials. As a result, we ensure to improve daily to maximize the high level of professionalism in service delivery.

Facebook Groups – there also exist several ghostwriters who provide affordable ghostwriting services to various clients. On Facebook groups, there are writers based on different industries and are providing quality work and affordable rates. Examples are Tools $ Jobs for Freelance Writers $ Bloggers and Freelance Writing Jobs.

affordable ghostwriting services

Association of ghostwriters – this industry-related website is channeled more towards ghostwriters as a source for finding clients and networking. In such an association, one is likely to get affordable ghostwriting services due to competition.

Are you searching for comprehensive fiction ghostwriting services?

Each story deserves an audience, and we at Script millers provide affordable ghostwriting services. Our experienced team of professionals is well conversant in every genre. Our writing, editing, and publishing services stand out and offer all that it takes to get your fiction book published. In addition to that, we also provide affordable ghostwriting services. For more information and guidance, click on

Wondering where to get screenplay ghostwriting services

From guaranteeing content that is error-free to perfecting the screenplay content format, we at Script millers extend our outstanding services that assure the highest level of customer satisfaction. We analyze your plot idea, comprehend your screenplay editing and formatting to achieve a well-thought plotline and story outline. Besides, we also offer affordable ghostwriting services.

What are the ghostwriting services rates?

There are no specific rates assigned to different projects that would make us say there are ghostwriting services rates.

Every project is distinct enough and requires its considerations and terms. The significant unknown factor that can eat up your compensation is how much research some projects will require.

Ghostwriting services rates vary depending on the level of work or the contract between the writers and the client.

Script millers offer affordable ghostwriting services.

An example can be a ghostwriter choosing to be paid, on a contractual basis, to be paid an hourly rate initially for doing the research, and then later, in the writing phase, move to the per-word fee.

It is essential to understand a few tips before selecting a ghostwriter for their services:

  • An experienced ghost can demand a much higher price than a newbie
  • The length of the work, in terms of word count and page count.
  • How much research is involved, or if the content is already available and needs editing
  • How much back-and-forth expected before the final work?

Are you looking for affordable ghostwriting rates?

Now that I already have your attention and have taken you through the logistics that determine the ghostwriting rates look no further, script millers have a pool of highly qualified and competent ghostwriters. They offer affordable rates in addition to their high ratings. We ensure that we secure the relationship we have with our clients and prospective clients by charging affordable ghostwriting rates that are pocket friendly.

This affordable ghostwriting rates and affordable ghostwriting services also extend to new clients who need timely and quality work done.

What are some of the ghostwriting companies hiring?

There is a constant demand for ghostwriters given the high levels of technology, continued learning, keeping up with the requirements of the economies of scale, and social life. It can be a significant challenge keeping up with all these demands; therefore, below are lists of ghostwriting companies hiring.

  • Script millers
  • Writezillas
  • Freelancer

How can I find ghostwriting services near me?

You might probably be wondering where to get ghostwriting services.

The best place to start from is at Script millers – click on – you will find experienced ghostwriters who will undertake your work with the utmost professionalism. In addition to that, they also provide affordable ghostwriting services.

Craigslist – craigslist is a platform where you get private ghostwriting services for private clients.

You can also get ghostwriting services from Facebook groups.

How much money do ghostwriters make?

The money ghostwriters earn vary from client to client or from one company to another.

affordable ghostwriting services

At the start, you, a ghostwriter, may pick up ghostwriting jobs on writing blogs or articles.

Although this is lower-paying, you get experience writing in someone’s voice.

Once you get in the circle of authors, you ghostwrite for authors. It is at this point where you start feeling the lucrative nature of ghostwriting.

The amount of money a ghostwriter earns depends on the type of clients that seek on for them. To make the right amount of money as a ghost, pair with high-paying clients.

To best way to earn money as a ghostwriter is to venture into the world of ghosts already an established writer, author, or editor. By so doing, you display credibility in your work and may have a network and a few clients for referrals.

Do ghostwriters get royalties?

Let us first understand what royalties are.

When one publishes a book on any platform, they will receive a percentage of the sale price of the book. That percentage of the compensation they receive is what we call royalty. The authors receive royalty every month. Royalty is paid a few months after the sale of the book.

Do ghostwriters get paid royalties?

It is a general rule for ghostwriters not to accept royalties as forms of payment.

Instead, ghostwriters earn money directly from the work they do. Ghostwriters write on a work-for-hire basis. Below are some methods used to determine the rate:

  • Word count
  • Page count
  • By the hour
  • Any other criteria agreed upon

How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?

Before selecting a ghostwriter for their services, it is essential to understand what quality of work you need, and how many qualifications you need the writer to have. Below are some key elements that will guide you on how much it will cost you to hire a ghostwriter.

  • An experienced ghost can demand a much higher fee than a newbie
  • The length of the work, in terms of word count and page count.
  • How much research is involved, or if the content is already available and needs editing
  • How much back-and-forth expected before the final work?

You can contract with your ghostwriter and agree on the terms of payment that favor all the parties.

When figuring out how much it will cost to hire a ghostwriter, it is essential to note that this is a business, and both parties need to gain at the end of the job.

Do ghostwriters get credit?

No. Ghostwriters do not receive any form of credit for their work. All the writing you do for any ghostwriting client will never, at any given point, have your name.

Credit goes to the client.

Where can I get a ghostwriter for cheap?

There are major online marketplaces for freelancers such as Upwork, where you can find the cheapest ghostwriters easily.

Why go for a cheap option when you have, who provide affordable ghostwriting services, with a guaranteed result?

How do you become a ghostwriter?

Just before we get into how you become a ghostwriter, let us initiate the whole process by understanding who a ghostwriter is.

Ghostwriter definition:

A ghostwriter is one who writes replica like books, articles, blog posts, web copy, etc. and receives no credit for their work but instead, get compensation.

affordable ghostwriting services

The fact that as a ghostwriter, you receive no credit, also implies that you have no right to share the writing of your clients in public unless the client permits you.

All credit goes to your client or the individual or individuals in that business or company that hired you.

Most beginners or even the juniors keep asking, how, script millers, can I prove my capacity without my work?

The primary fact you have to take in is that all the writing you do for any ghostwriting client will never at any given point have your name. Thie scenario is unfortunate for some people who still do not understand what it feels to be a ghostwriter.

Your role as a ghostwriter is to voice, take personality, and style of the person for whom you are writing.

These are some of the reasons you would love to be a ghostwriter:

  • Ghostwriting jobs are lucrative. These jobs provide you with a platform to grow your freelancing writing business as you encounter different problems that need solutions and build a chain of clients that can trust you with all their work. At script millers, we have secured clients who have had the best experience and have. As a result, it provided referees. These well-paying clients have boosted the income levels of the ghosts.
  • Once you finish with the work and the client approves it, that is the end, you do not need other social media platforms to promote your work. Here at script millers, we have qualified ghosts in various fields who handle your work to optimum satisfaction.
  • You get to improve your communication skills; this will help you communicate better with clients. Your writing also grows over time since you learn to write in another person’s voice effectively. At script millers, all our ghostwriters are eloquent, good at research, and timely.

To become a ghostwriter:

Be a freelance writer first

Script millers have a pool of well trained and qualified freelancers who ensure every work complete and done with utmost precision.

Freelance writing helps our team establish our network, attracting perfect clients. Ensure you have a writer website to start showcasing your value as a high-paying writer. Visit for more information.

Secondly, be a freelance editor

Most of our freelance editors here at script millers edit books. As a result, we provide editing services that cut across various book genres, such as fiction and screenplay.

Adopt the culture of writing big projects

At script millers, we have ghosts who are knowledgeable and have vast knowledge in different fields; with this, we have a big project writing culture which facilitates service provision and delivery to clients.

Write your book

Not sure if your theme is fiction, non-fiction, or memoir, as a ghostwriter to be, dip your toes into all the pool of various genres to see which fits you best. We, at script millers, have ghosts who specialize in the various genres of writing, you can click to meet our qualified writers.

Practice and learn writing for someone else

Making your voice as a freelance writer is essential for the success of the business. Having the capacity to write in different styles is authoritative to be a ghostwriter. With our several years of experience, at script millers, we deliver our services as per the requirements of the client. As a result, our clients are always satisfied are fell happy whenever they come back.

Developing your customer support skills

A ghostwriter is a one-person show. One must learn the environment of the business, both the internal and the external environment, and this includes customer service and support. We, the script millers, keep a close working relationship with our clients to understand all their specifications. Our ghostwriters also advise the client on the various publishing options available.

Embrace authenticity

When you encounter a story that you feel could be something bid, approach people with an offer, and make it your work. At script millers, we have ghosts from various academic backgrounds and locality. Hence, we enjoy the aspect of diversity, as every ghostwriter has originality in content creation and service delivery.

Be a sponge

The greatest achievement is to learn as much as you can and absorb all the information you can; you should be creative and business-oriented. Be ready to take all the criticism without despair, improve when the need is, and be free to seek guidance and assistance.

Becoming a ghostwriter is not a one-day affair; instead, it requires resilience, patience, and above all, persistence. These traits set one ready to take on all the challenges, pressure, and research that come before achieving your target.

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