Ap style press release
In most cases, companies use AP style press release to announce various developments. They press releases to announce their businesses, such as the launch of a new product. Major events like mergers and top appointments are also announced through press releases. Upon writing a press release, it is distributed to media agencies to publish or […]
Service description that converts
How valuable is a service description? Going by the annual data on advertisers’, expenditure in the US alone is about 500 billion dollars. That’s what big brands and retailers spend to persuade customers to their offerings.  Drawing from your consumer insights, what attracts you to certain services as opposed to others? There’s a chance that […]
copywriting for beginners
There is a lot of noise on the internet. There are lots of social media posts, advertising messages, and emails vying for attention. You must effectively communicate your message online if you want to break through the clutter, stand out from the competitors, and generate sales and leads. This article focuses on copywriting for beginners […]
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