15 Common SEO Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

It is quite common for beginner content creators to make SEO mistakes when they dive into the SEO industry. The SEO content writing mistakes that these beginners make are due to inadequate knowledge of how SEO works, or incorrect understanding of the different SEO practices. Besides, SEO is a revolutionary industry, and what worked in the SEO industry one year ago may not work for the present day. You can find that you are not doing well in your SEO ranking due to some practices, also known as SEO mistakes or SEO content writing mistakes.

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What are some common SEO content mistakes in digital content production?

Some of the common SEO content writing mistakes that you should look to avoid in 2020 include:

Skipping the Use of a Keyword Research Tool

Some people are afraid of using a keyword research tool due to the notion that that would be cheating. Keyword research tools do not affect the genuineness of your content or add SEO errors. Instead, these tools are helpful in getting you to understand what your users would want. Including the suggested keywords will make your content more relevant to search engines and your users.

Using Common Titles and Descriptions

Google recommends content creators to provide unique page titles and content description. However, many content creators are still making this mistake. The page title is a critical SEO signal as the users and search engines use it to tell what the page is about. An irrelevant title minimizes your probability of ranking high and thus keeping more people away from your page. Besides having the right page title, you should consider providing a unique meta description for the page. Unique meta descriptions increase the click-through rates and conversion rate when your content delivers according to the meta description.

Does changing page title affects SEO?

Well, it does, and that will depend on the quality of your previous page titles. Your page titles should have the crucial keyword and be easily readable. If you are doing well in SEO-ranking, it would be best not to change the page title. If otherwise, you can consider hiring a content writer at scriptmillers.com.

Producing Low-Quality Content

The latest trend in SEO revolves around trust and authority. A content creator should focus on building trust with users and creating authority with search engines. It is possible to concentrate on other SEO components and ignore the most important element—content. You will build trust with users when you publish content that is useful and informative. In building authority with search engines, one should post content that is unbiased and analytical. Observing these two elements will qualify your content to be high-quality.

SEO Content Writing Mistakes

Social Media Inactivity

Social media beats any other platform when it comes to promoting your SEO content. With many social media platforms, one should ensure that they are active in one or more of these platforms. You will need to determine the social media platform that would suit your audience and then build your authority on that platform. Not only will you generate traffic from social media platforms, but also get a high ranking factor from the social signals. To reduce SEO content writing mistakes, ensure that you understand the right way to use social media.

Not Promoting Your Content

There is no guarantee that other people will share your post because you posted it on a social media platform. Well, that might happen, but not in the beginning. There is no mistake in promoting your work, but you should know what to avoid in content marketing through reviewing bad content marketing examples. In fact, not promoting your content is among the 11 deadly mistakes to avoid in 2020. Some of the ways to promote your work include posting on social media platforms, internal linking, sharing the content to your email list, and digital advertising. With time, more people will take note of your work, and will then share your future posts with ease, and reach a wider audience.

Not Using Internal Linking

External linking is a common practice among SEO content creators. However, few people concentrate on internal linking, yet it is a good SEO practice. Internal linking refers to linking a page from another but within the website. Internal linking helps users find out about a subject of interest on your page. In addition, you will be helping search engines understand more pages from your site. When creating interlinks, it is advisable that you make your links descriptive. The internal links should be within the main content and not on the sidebars. Lastly, when inserting the link, do not out the keyword in the anchor text. Instead, let it flow normally with the rest of your content. Like other SEO content writing mistakes, excess internal linking may work against you.

Ignoring Bing and Google Search Console Webmaster Tools

Bing and Google have webmaster tools which are effective in helping website owners understand their web properties. What you need to do is register your website on any of these platforms. As a result, the feedback you obtain from the search engines will be helpful in understanding what you could be doing wrong. That will eliminate unnecessary guessing—one of the common SEO content writing mistakes.

Inconsistent Publishing

There is no rule as to when you should post your content. Whether you post your content on a daily or monthly basis, the critical element is ensuring that you are consistent with your schedule. Consider your lifestyle and come up with a publishing schedule. Be determined to stick to the schedule no matter what. Consistency adds to the traffic and increases your SEO value. You can always prepare a lot of content beforehand and keep it pending. That way, you will not lack content to post according to your publishing schedule.

Using Non-SEO Optimized Images

A picture speaks a thousand words. It is then important to add images to content to make the content more interesting. When it comes to the use of images on pages, there are top 3 SEO mistakes. First, adding too many images to your page crowds the page and prevents the message from getting home as it should. Second, omitting ALT tags on your images. ALT tags offer information to the search engines on what a particular image is about, making it easy to find. Lastly, adding large-size images to the pages. Large files require large bandwidth to download and take more time to load on a website.

SEO Content Writing Mistakes

Posting Content that is Not Formatted

It is common to notice content on websites that do not have any format. Not only is non-formatted text bad for user experience, but also it is hard for search engines to understand the content. When publishing content on a webpage, consider formatting the text. You can use italics, bold letters, and create headings to help website users interact with your content. An article that focused on helping individuals build quality websites showed that editing, styling, and quality control helped in separating low-quality websites from high-quality websites.

Incorrect Use of the <H1> Tag

Google crawler uses different techniques when reading any webpage for content interpretation. The H1 tag is a key determinant during this process. It is advisable that a web page should have only one H1 tag. When there are multiple H1 tags, this confuses the search engine bots. Once a page is open on a web page, the browser menu has a tab that reads ‘view source.’ This shows your page’s HTML code, and you should look for the ‘H1’. Programmers can help with a webpage whose HTML code contains more than one H1 tag. That way, you will have minimal SEO content writing mistakes.

Separating SEO from Digital Marketing

When preventing making SEO content writing mistakes, you need more than the right content to be successful in SEO. Marketing, and in this case, in the present digital era, digital marketing plays a key role in promoting SEO content. You can opt for social media marketing, mobile marketing, digital content marketing, or a combination of effective content marketing. This will require the implementation of a marketing strategy devoid of marketing mistakes alongside an SEO strategy. SEO techniques seek to optimize a website. However, when it comes to promoting your content, think beyond the norm and try new content promotion techniques. You should avoid making content strategy mistakes when integrating these two elements.

Using High-Traffic Keywords

When optimizing a website, SEO experts pay extra attention on keyword search. And that is great. However, the use of high-volume keywords could undo the original intention of getting traffic. Keywords should generate traffic to a site, but it will be hard to get ranking when using high-traffic keywords. Instead of high-traffic keywords, consider using long-tail keywords. These keywords contain more than two words and are a sure way to generate more traffic on a site.

Slow-Loading Website

One of the factors that affect your site’s ranking position is page loading speed. Ignoring the speed at which your webpage loads could be costly. Search engine owners understand the role that speed plays in SEO content, and they do their best from their end.  You want to be sure that your website loads accurately and within the shortest time possible. Fast loading websites are highly ranked and thus generate more traffic, more page views, and consequently, more sales.

Building Links with Press Releases

Press releases get to a wider audience. Thus, it is a common belief that adding links to these press releases will help in SEO distribution. However, this is a bad idea. If you have to use press releases as a channel to promote your content, ensure that you add no-follow links.

Now that you know the common SEO content writing mistakes that individuals make, you can now focus on avoiding them when creating your SEO content. Better still, you can avoid making all these SEO mistakes by opting to hire a content writer at Script Millers.  That way, you can be sure that the SEO content you receive will be top-notch, and will improve your SEO ranking.

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