How Hard Is It to Rank on Google?

How Hard Is It to Rank on Google?

Online businesses and transactions are one of the most used strategies in businesses. The need to globalize business is high, thus giving the online platform’s priority. Therefore, there are high chances that everyone wants to find themselves at the top of the rank. Usually, most website owners do not understand how hard is it to rank on Google. Additionally, website developers take a lot of time to ensure their pages appear directly below the search, that is, at the top first page of Google. Getting to the top of the various search engines never happens overnight. This is primarily to the small business with either no web presence or little presence.

how long does it take to get on google

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How hard is it to rank on Google? The question pauses several times for new businesses and businesses seeking online diversification. According to several multiple sources, the total average time for a website to rank higher on Google via the search engine optimization techniques (SEO) is three to six months. However, the ranking depends on the competitive nature of your industry and your keywords’ popularity. Conversely, in the various competitive fields, a high ranking may take as long as a year.

How do you Get on the First Page of Google Without Paying?

Several business owners ask the same question, “how hard is it to rank on Google?”. Some are willing to consider paying Google to obtain higher rankings. However, strives to answer the question, “Can you pay Google to rank higher?”.

How much Does It Cost to Get on the First Page of Google?

First, you should know that all search listings are free. Thus, nobody can pay for a higher or better ranking. Google, like any other service provider, commits to keeping their search content trustworthy and relevant. Nevertheless, pay per click ads, that is, PPC ads, such as Google ads are the paid online adverts appearing next to significant searches and other web content.

How Long Does It Take to Rank in Google 2019?

A highly ranked website on Google has a higher probability of showing up in the search results for related queries. Under normal circumstances, it takes approximately three to six months for your website to rank in Google.

how long does it take to get on google

How Can I Rank Up Faster on Google?

As a result of the increased number of websites and online searches, a business needs more than just marketing to increase their Google ranking. Thus, it is fundamental to establish a well-planned and a long-term plan to ensure that you obtain and maintain a high Google ranking despite the economic changes and technological advancements.

Furthermore, search engine optimization remains one of the best techniques to boost organic traffic on your website, brand awareness, and increased sales. SEO is a crucial element that should be part and parcel of your marketing strategies.

The following are twelve (12) techniques to help improve your website visibility by increasing Google ranking and Alexa ranking using the google keyword planner.

  1. Create and conduct an audit for your website SEO
  2. Develop, optimize and submit your website sitemap to various search engines
  3. Create a fast and mobile-friendly website
  4. Use long-tail keywords
  5. Use and Maximize on engaging and relevant content regularly.
  6. Register with Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console
  7. Use social media to enhance brand awareness.
  8. Enhance your titles and meta- descriptions
  9. Check and Fix crawl errors
  10. Use significant and engaging rich snippets and images
  11. Comment on relevant and related high authority sites
  12. Boost your reputation online

Create and Conduct an Audit For your Website SEO

An SEO audit involves the examination of the entire factors of SEO that help in determining the whole performance of your website. Therefore, you can use Google Webmaster tool to improve the identification of errors. Such errors include broken links, sitemap errors, 404 errors, canonical errors and redirects and fix them. The errors might affect the visibility and Google ranking of your website.

Develop, Optimize and Submit your Website Sitemap to Various Search Engines

Google has spiders that crawl on your web pages before they can start showing on the search engine. Google’s crawler will visit the pages over time.

How Long does it Take for A Website to Show Up on Google?

To speed things up, you can submit your sitemap to google via google search console. Alternatively, you can have direct communication with google and tell them about all your pages. By so doing, you will have enhanced the Google ranking and the visibility of your website.

Create a Fast and Mobile Friendly Website.

It is essential to have a mobile-friendly website since most algorithm updates for SEO are all about mobile for the recent past. Most people turn to their mobiles for browsing. Hence, search engines and users also expect websites to provide an instinctual mobile experience.

Thus, it is essential to make your websites and webpages mobile friendly. Now that more users are turning to their phones compared to the desktops, the webmaster ought to:

Have a Mobile Optimized Website

You must ensure that all essential content is visible and the user does don’t experience any form of destructions by random popups.

Make sure the Website Load as Fast as Possible on Mobile.

Speed is among the essential SEO factors. Slow websites are generally ranked low with poor visibility than faster websites. A fast website should load in less than 3 seconds, according to google. As a result, you need to utilize the SEO friendly web design principles, and first develop for mobile than desktop to achieve the three seconds load time.

Which Type of Keyword is the Most Competitive and Hardest to Rank in the Search Engines for?

Use Long-Tail Keywords

It requires wisdom and creativity when choosing keywords for your target audience. Here at, we discourage the use of high competition keywords. A clear understanding of the use of keywords helps us understand how hard is it to rank on Google. Highly competitive keywords have low chances of enhancing website visibility and getting traffic. On the other hand, go for the long-tail keywords since they have less search volume and consequently, less competitive. For this reason, the long-tail keywords are likely to rank high and thus enhancing ranking and your website visibility.

Furthermore, most websites do not use the long-tail keywords; therefore, the websites going a long way have an advantage over the others.

how long does it take to get on google

Use and Maximize on Engaging and Relevant Content Regularly

It takes more than the technical SOE to improve your website visibility and Google ranking. Your content must be:

  • Engaging and outstanding – this is content that satisfies the needs of the user, and is not a copy-paste of another work.
  • Updated – no one wants to read obsolete contents nit even Google.
  • Detailed and well-written– quality content must be comprehensive; the average length of a post on the first page of Google is 1800 words.
  • SEO friendly – your content must target specific search terms and keywords. Above all, your content should be readable and understood by the search engines.

Also, it is sensible to update content on your website regularly. Regular publishing of content without updating them is a total waste of resources. Since the site will not get any ranking, furthermore, Google crawler will continuously visit your site, and failure to update the contents will render all the links a loss.

Publishing of new content regularly enhances website visibility as Google crawler will continuously visit the new content and thus increasing the chances of high ranking.

Register with Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console

Webmaster Tools

The first step of making your website visible on Bing, Google and other available search engines is to inform them of your existence. One way of informing the search engines is through the webmaster tools. All main search engines have free tools for webmaster which:

  • Recognize the search engines that know about your site.
  • Examine for errors during the indexing and crawling phase
  • Find out the keywords from which your website appeared in the search engine results.
  • Deliver an XML sitemap
  • Get security problems related notifications, such as hacked sites and malware.

Google Search Console

The Google search console is a suite of tools and reports available from Google. Follow the following three steps to get started with the Google Search Console:

Step 1: Add your site to Google Search Console

Step 2: set the domain of your preference

Step 3: identify and fix any crawl errors.

Use Social Media to Enhance Brand Awareness

Getting noticed by other sites and other people is one of the significant ways to increase your website visibility. When a website links to your site, search engines consider this a vote of trust. The main goal of search engines is to promoted highly trusted sites; therefore, this increases your website visibility.

Additionally, people talking about your brand in the various online platforms and social media increases your website visibility. Also, it is advisable to optimize your site for the various social media profiles. By so doing, it is easy to identify and understand your target population.

Enhance your Titles and Meta- Descriptions


Meta descriptions do not influence Google rankings; however, they influence click-through rates from search results. The meta description appears below the page title. Words in the meta description that match what someone is searching for will be in bold to draw their attention. Meta descriptions determine whether your page is worth the click.

Use relevant and unique meta descriptions on each page. Above all, ensure that you include the main keywords naturally, and use the space to give a short description of the valuable information on the page. An enticing and well-presented meta-description attracts visitors and give them a reason to stay on your site.


Use unique Title and Description tags on every page of the site that clarifies for the search engines what each page is about. Additionally, your heading is another indicator to Google of what your page is about. Therefore, strategically include your keywords on the heading. Make it easy for the keyword to fit in the heading without forcing. As a result, there is adequate readability and navigation.

Also, google displays 50-60 characters; therefore, to enhance website visibility, insert the target keywords on your title tags and remember to keep the title tags precise and short.

Check and Fix Crawl Errors

A website needs to be free of indexing and crawling errors to be visible in Google. The indexing and crawling phase is the first step search engines take before deciding on the websites to show in the top positions of results. Hence, any problems search engines encounter during this stage reduces your website visibility.

To avoid such problems:

  • Login to Google search console
  • Identify the coverage report, right under the index.
  • Locate and fix any available crawl errors

Use Significant and Engaging Rich Snippets and Images

There are a few more chances to use keyword when optimizing images on your web page. Include the keyword you are targeting, for instance, primary keyword.jpg. Additionally, use the keywords to update the alt text on the page too. Alternatively, you can update the alt text in the HTML of that particular web page.

Rich snippets are the new SEO trends. Google made rich snippets available both in desktop and mobile results. Websites getting a featured snippet or enjoying high result, enjoy higher clicks via rates and more traffic. To enhance your content for productive results, you need to:

  • Use schema markup and add expertly designed data to your website.
  • Have a ranking on the first page of Google. Therefore, all you need to work on is to build your link.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a technique of describing your website content to the various search engines in a language they understand. To do this, you add structured data scripts to your pages. Consequently, the search engines read the script and understand the context of your content whenever they crawl the page.

Comment on Relevant and Related High Authority Sites

With the development and enhancement in technology, commenting on blog posts create the best means to get backlinks and establish engagement and build a relationship with top marketers and bloggers. Consequently, you are likely to achieve more traffic for your website, create and improve the awareness of your brand, and above all, increase sales and improve your website visibility.

Boost your Reputation Online

Improving your brand or business for search engines alone is insufficient to achieve increased website visibility. Therefore, enhance your reputation to the users, customers and audiences, particularly those appearing on SERPs.

how long does it take to get on google

Give Two Things that you See About Each Web Page in the Search Results.The title and the meta description. The meta description appears below the page title. Words in the meta description that match what someone is searching for will be in bold to draw their attention. Meta descriptions determine whether your page is worth the click.

Business owners and startups need to understand and address how hard is it to rank on Google. It is for this reason that provides the above information to make it easier and understand the matter how long does it take to improve SEO rankings? Furthermore, here at Script Millers, we have a team of SEO experts who dedicate their time to ensure your website get higher Google ranking by providing you with all the information you need.

In conclusion, to address the question, “how hard is it to rank on Google?”, we encourage the optimization of SEO. Additionally, Script Millers has a team of SEO experts who ensure that we offer the best SEO services to our clients. Therefore, more SEO content and other related content, inclusive of ubersuggest, visit

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