Hiring Article Writers Online? 20 Facts You Ought to Know First

Hiring freelance article writers gives an individual the chance to get expertise work and also some alone time. However, the journey is not as smooth as it may sound. Here is what you need to know before you hire freelance writing websites.

Article Writing Websites

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Technology advancement has enabled individuals to work from home. Some of these work from home jobs entail writing articles. They could be articles for an organization’s website or blog. Initially, when these article writing services were being invented, there were countable article writers. However, as time passed by, more and more of them began to evolve. The good news is that each of them has a unique writing style. Thus, do not expect an article you acquired from iWriter, for example, to match that your colleague got from Upwork.

What Should I Know Before Hiring Article Writers Online?

The problem with the concept of hiring article writers online is that most people do not know what these services entail. Hence, it becomes problematic for both the client and the writer to deal with each other and find common ground. Due to this, this article will discuss twenty facts about freelance writing websites that you need to know. Let us begin:

  1. Not All Article Writers Can Meet Your Needs

Now that you know you can find article writers online, it does not mean that every single one of them will meet your writing needs. Unfortunately, most clients do not know this. The fact is that there are so many terrible writers online. They will use fake profiles to lure customers into hiring them. Additionally, most article writers tend to focus on a specific niche. So, one may be good at marketing and finance, while another is remarkable in writing any business article. Others might also not be familiar with SEO and content marketing. Hence, they may not be the best match if you are looking for marketing content. Therefore, take your time and find freelancers who match your preferences.

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  1. There are Several Platforms You Can Use to Reach Out to Article Writers

The reason why most clients get shoddy projects is that they tend to rely on a specific article writing service. They believe that to hire writers; a person has to go to only one particular platform. However, this is not the case. Again, technology advancement has increased the marketplaces, where clients can acquire freelance writing websites. So, do not limit yourself to several article writing services, especially if they are not meeting your standards. Limiting yourself to a few article writing services will make you miss out on so much in terms of creativity. Therefore, search for various marketplaces where you can locate freelance writing websites such as iWriter, Upwork, Script Millers, and the likes.

  1. Always Do Your Research Before Hiring Article Writers

The problem with most clients, primarily those working on tight schedules, is hiring the first freelancer they encounter. Again, not all freelancers will provide you with the articles you want. Take time to research several things about these freelance writing websites. For example, research to determine if they are legit. After all, scams are inevitable online. So, go and research on the portfolios of these article writing services. If there is no record of any article they have written, then take for your heels. However, if their portfolio has excellent reviews from proud clients, do not hesitate to hire them.

  1. Know Your Work Requirements Before Hiring Article Writers

Some clients tend to look for freelancers first, and then evaluating what their task entails. If you are among such people, then know that you are setting yourself up for failure. You cannot look for freelancers without scrutinizing if they are fit to meet your article requirements. Such blind moves are the ones that make customers end up with shoddy projects. So, before embarking on the journey of searching for article writers, first get a grasp of what you need to be done. This way, you will get to evaluate their portfolio and profile concerning your article requirements.

  1. Test Your Article Writers

‘What do freelance writers write?’ Most clients tend to ask this question after they have gotten shoddy projects. The reason for this is that they did not take their time to test the people they hired. What better way to know if your writer suits for the job than testing them? Some clients ask for samples while others request for their article outline to see if their writers know what they are doing. It is better off to test the freelancers before it is too late, and there is nothing you can do. Although it may be time-consuming, it saves you the resources and money to find other competent article writers.

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  1. It is not a Must You Hire Article Writers

‘Should I hire a freelancer?’ ‘Why you need a content writer?’ These are some of the frequently asked questions that famous article writers have revealed on being asked. The answer is no. Simply because your colleagues are hiring famous article writers does not mean that you need to follow this course yourself. Sometimes, there are clients with exemplary writing skills who merely lack the time or are lazy to tackle the work themselves. So, it does not mean that they must hire famous article writers.

  1. Be Clear when Communicating Your Expectations and Work Instructions

It is pretty common to find clients and content writers being at cross-purposes. We have heard of even famous article writers being accused of delivering shoddy projects, despite their popularity arising from their competency. It is because some clients lack effective communication when passing out their article requirements and overall expectations. Always be upfront about what you expect to get. Additionally, avoid beating around the bush when it comes to passing out instructions.

  1. Do not be Afraid of Paying for Quality Work

Cheap is expensive. Hence, do away with the idea of cheap article writing services being the best thing for you. What counts more is a quality article. Most freelance writing websites that do provide quality articles might be on the high end when it comes to pricing. However, this should not deter you from seeking their services. It is better off if you get quality work at specified duration and high price. Or would you prefer an inexpensive article full of errors and plagiarism? I guess not. Do not pay for an article and then have it redone because it was affordable.

  1. Quality Work is Paramount

Delivering quality work by article writers should be non-negotiable. So, do not go accepting an okay article. Instead, settle for a phenomenal article that cannot keep you glued to your chair. It not only captures your readers’ attention but also meets its objectives. For example, if the piece of writing was directed at getting traffic to your blog, then you can rely on quality work to do exactly this. So, find competent freelancers who can grant you quality work and pay them what they deserve. After all, quality work is worth every penny.

  1. Their Skill Level determines the Best Article Writers

Every person can take a pen and scribble something down. However, this does not make them an exceptional article writer. The skill level is the aspect that differentiates between amateurs and professional content writers. Thus, before you embark on hiring freelance writing websites, evaluate the skill level of their freelancers. If they cannot handle your niche, then move along and search for the individuals who can.

Hiring Article Writers Online

  1. Always Think of Your Readers when Choosing Freelance Writing Websites

Most clients forget their audience when picking article writing services. Instead, most think of famous article writers who can beat their deadline. Well, writing that meets a deadline but does not engage your readers do you no good. So, first, identify what topics they would love to read about and those that are also relevant to them. After finding a suitable topic, now look for freelance writing websites that can write exceptional writings on your topic.

  1. The Enthusiasm of the Article Writers Speaks Volume

Hiring famous article writers might not be what you need. Sometimes, it is better off to hire freelancers who are excited about your project. ‘How do I hire an article writer?’ For a start, look at their enthusiasm. If they have the desire to make you shine or win through the writing, then do not hesitate to hire them. However, if they are not even asking you minor aspects of your project, such as your audience, then it could mean that they are not passionate about it. It could be the only red flag you need not hire such writers.

  1. The Pricing System of Article Writing Services Vary

The subject of the price is quite sensitive to most people. The solid reason for this is because individuals operate on different budgets. There are several searches online asking, ‘Do freelance writers get paid?’ ‘What do they charge for their services?’ ‘Are the prices the same for all article writing services?’ First and foremost, article writers do get paid. However, what they charge varies from one freelance writing website to another. Instead of being more concerned more about the price, focus more on the quality you get.

  1. Hire Content Writers who Know Your Product

If, for example, you want an article on your product to increase traffic to your job, then hire a writer who knows your product. However, it does not mean that they have to know every element of the product. They only need to know the simple aspects of the commodity. For example, how to sell your product, what your product does, your competitors, and so on.

  1. The Protocol of Buying Articles Differs in Most Article Writing Services

Some clients have the notion that the procedure of buying articles online or hiring freelancers is the same in every freelance writing website. However, it is not. Some clients have come to this realization after multiple attempts of trying to buy articles using wrong procedures in certain article writing services. Ultimately, they go online to get help with the procedure. For example, you can find someone looking for ‘how to buy articles from scriptmillers.com.’ To determine the procedure, go to the website of the article writing service and look for the steps. You can also ask for help from their customer support team. The individual looking for how to buy articles from scriptmillers.com only needs to log in to scriptmillers.com. They will get a step by step guide on what to do next to get the help they need.

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  1. A Client Needs to Evaluate the Corrections Policy of an Article Writing Service

What most customers forget when hiring content writers is that even the most exceptional writers make errors. However, errors do not define their work. They can always fix them. Hence, when hiring a content writer, look to see if they have any corrections policy. The best and most qualified article writers will not charge you for corrections, especially if they are on their part. However, they might charge you a small fee is they are changes that involve something absent in the initial instructions. It is important to review such a policy before you hire an article writer. It will save you any disagreement or fight that might erupt when one needs an amendment in their writing.

  1. Be Kind to the People Tackling Your Work

‘How do freelancers get benefits?’ You might ask. They benefit by making new connections with clients and improving their writing skills. However, some customers do not make it easy for them. Some clients tend to be harsh on the article writers merely because they are paying them. As a result, they end up using offensive language or being rude. Remember that you will need the services of those freelancers another day. So, being kind will do you more good than harm. Again, these content writers also have feelings. They are human too. Be kind since it costs nothing.

  1. Search for Article Writers who are Problem Solvers

A client must only hire a content writer who solves the problems of the readers. However, the fact is that most of them leave readers with more questions than answers. For example, in most ‘how-to’ articles, most readers feel that their answers or solutions are not provided. It all comes down to how the article writer handled your topic. If they do not aim at solving the problems, then there is no accurate way to guide the readers on how to do something. Therefore, hire freelancers who are keen on solving potential problems that the readers may rise. As a result, you end up with useful articles. For example, if it is an article on how to prepare fresh cookies, you get a writing that specifies the right steps to take to get these fresh cookies.

  1. Always Evaluate the Reliability of Article Writing Services

A client needs to hire an article writer who can meet their deadline. However, the problem with most article writing services today is that they meet deadlines. However, it comes at a cost. They usually compromise the quality of the work for them to beat the deadline. A poor quality article that is delivered on time does no good than a good quality provided after the period. So, clients have to evaluate the timeliness and reliability aspect of article writing services. It is safer if a customer hires a content writer who can beat the deadline without sacrificing the work quality.

  1. Referrals are Factors to Consider when Choosing Article Writers

One of the best ways of knowing professional and legit freelancers is by looking at references. They are better known as reviews in most freelance writing websites. Reading through these reviews from past clients will help you see a couple of things about both the article writers and the article writing service.

How Referrals Come in Handy

For example, it will help you know if the article writing service is reliable. If past clients are pleased with the timeliness of an article writing service, they will usually praise it and leave positive reviews. However, if they are displeased, they will leave negative comments. Similarly, if the content writers are competent, clients will leave referrals advising other customers to seek their services. However, this cannot be said if past clients were not satisfied with the work they acquired. So, do not ignore the reviews. They can tell you so much and save you so much time and resources.

Article Writing Websites

Are you looking for exceptional article writers to provide you writing in the next hours or days? Well, you can find them online in freelance writing websites such as iWriter, Script Millers, Upwork, and so on. However, there are several things you need to know before you do so. They are well explained in this article.



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