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How to Write an Article That Sell: Full Guide (2021)

Article writing is an ideal way of content creation and marketing. Writing an article that sells is important for a blog or business. This article will show you great techniques on how to write an article that sell. 

Writing a competitive article is more than talking about a particular topic. Article writing is not as simple as it sounds and without proper knowledge and skills, you will find that your articles will not sell.


Tips for writing good quality articles

If you run a blog writing service where you publish articles for your audience, you may choose to be the main writer of your work. You may also choose to buy articles from the best article writers or to hire article writers for your site. Whichever way you opt for, the quality of your articles should be very good for them to sell. 

Good article writing entails several strategic steps. A good article is received well by your target market and improves the chances of engagement. Here are some steps to write an article;

1. Choose an Interesting and timely topic

The topic of your article will either sell it or fail it. Your topic should be interesting and relevant for your audience. A good way to get an appropriate topic is by searching for optimized words using the search engines. 

A good topic gets the attention of your audience. Research shows that out of 10 people searching for information, 8 people will read the heading only. The heading will determine whether the audience will open and read your article or move to the next. 

The timeliness of a topic also matters. Know what is trending in the area you are writing on to avoid writing on what may not be of help to your target audience. If you are writing about marketing, for instance, you may want to write more about digital marketing and not the traditional ways of marketing. 

2. Use the right keywords

People use keywords to find the content they are interested in. Keywords are the words you key in on a search engine when searching for information. The Google search engine uses your keywords to find articles and other content related to the keywords.

Article writers need to know the most searched keywords in their area of writing. These commonly searched terms will guide them in getting best keywords for article writing. It is also advisable to go for long-tail keywords, meaning they should be three or more words. 

When thinking of how to write an article, you should think of proper selection of keywords. Keywords help in optimizing your content. This in turn helps to rank keywords in google search result and other search engines. Keywords need to be specific and also relevant to the topic you choose. 

3. Conduct an extensive market research

Selling any product or service requires some market research to understand what competitors are offering. In article writing, therefore, you need to research your keywords and read through what other article writers have written for the audience. Your top competitors are the ones that appear at the top of your search results when you conduct your search. 

Knowing what your competitors are saying helps you to identify gaps in their content that your articles should address. Identify their keywords, their links, and the images they use in their articles. You should also take note of how engaging their articles are in terms of the number of shares, likes, and comments. 

4. In-depth research

Article writers mainly have good knowledge of the topic they write on. However, researching a topic is important to ensure good quality content. Research helps you to understand the topic better and know other people’s views about it. 

You want to avoid writing an article with basic knowledge and research helps you write like an expert. Your command of the topic gives the audience confidence in the information offered. 

5. Hook your audience

When you have a good topic and title, people are likely to open your article. Opening the article is however not a guarantee that they will read it to the end and engage. You should therefore write and structure your article in a way that has a reader hooked to the end or to engage. 

The first sentence and paragraph for instance should create an impression on the reader. Show that you have a good command of the topic and avoid many irrelevant words. The hook and a good title are enough for a person to share your content and mark it as good.

You should also provide facts in your article as a way to have the readers interested. This is why good research is important as you cannot provide untrue information in an article you expect to sell. 

I have viewed some blog sites where articles seem similar and this creates boring monotony. Every article on your site should be unique and different from others. You should write in a creative way that brings out something unique in every article.

6. Write in a relatable way

How to write an article that sell

While writing may be a formal way of communication, your audience should find you easily relatable in the article. Technology has revolutionized writing, making it less formal for every person to access and understand. Avoid being too formal and give your audience a simple flow of content. 

A good way to be personable is by addressing a reader directly in your article writing. Identify yourself as “I” or “we” to show that a real person is behind the content. Personable articles are likely to be more engaging and readers find them easy to share. 

In being personable, avoid losing authority as the article writer. Use assertive language to show expertise on the topic as it gives readers confidence in your content. You may also want to mention your authority through words such as “founder” or “professional”. 

7. Unique content

You will read many articles during your research and they should only be to inspire your writing idea. Avoid copying an article and be unique in the content you provide, to avoid plagiarism. 

You can create unique content by identifying a gap in the topic, based on what is already available. Base your content on filling the specific gap for the audience using appropriate keywords and content. You can also include your opinion on the topic and show support of your opinion well in the content. 

8. Credible images, links, and statistics

Writing articles that sell requires credible content. Including good images links and statistics in your article helps it to sell better. 

Links in an article should be carefully selected to provide additional information to readers. The links should be from reputable sources and you should ensure that you have not copied the work on the link provided. 

Select images that are not copyright protected as that amounts to plagiarism and may have you sued. When providing statistics in your article, use reputable sources to ensure that they are facts. 

9. Optimize your article for SEO 

Search Engine Optimization helps readers easily view your article or content when searching for keywords related to your work. When optimizing, note that the topic should be interesting for readers to want to open the article. 

Your keywords will help boost your SEO and means more success in selling your article. The more an article is opened and viewed, the higher it ranks on the Search engine and this is the optimization you need. 

How to write an article format

The basic format of a good article is the title or heading followed by a good introduction. The introduction is followed by the main body and then we have the conclusion. Let us now discuss clearly how to write an article format.


Select a suitable title for your article and have it at the centre top of your first page. The title should be well researched and preferably include your selected keywords. 


Begin your article writing with a good and catchy introduction. This part should be between 2 to 3 sentences long and should have a thesis statement. This is a statement that directly tells the reader what the article is about. 

The thesis statement should be relevant to the topic and keywords. This statement will guide you throughout the article as the particular focus of the article. The content of the article should therefore be focused on the thesis statement. 

It is in the introduction where you get the attention of the reader and show good command of the topic. You can review some good article examples to understand how to draft a good introduction. 

The main body

The main body should be broken down into short paragraphs depending on the length of your article. Divide your main body content into subheadings and subsections. The subsections should contain 2 to 3 paragraphs. 

Content in the main body must be relevant to the title. The content should support your argument on the particular topic. Include support content such as images and statistics in the main body.


When you are done capturing all the relevant content, conclude the article. The concluding paragraph can be your opinion on the topic or a recommendation. The conclusion can also be a question or appeal. 

How to write an article review

In your research and article writing, reviewing articles helps you to analyze the work of other writers and grow. Let us now delve into how to write an article review. This section will guide you towards becoming an expert article writer. 

Reviewing an article entails conducting a detailed analysis of the content and pointing out the arguments of the writer. Article reviewing can be compared to critical analysis of literature. Do not introduce new content to an article in an article review, but offer a response to work that is already done. 

Different types of article reviews offer options depending on your preferred content or topics. In a Journal article review, one analysis the strong and weak aspects of a publication. In this review, you offer the reader an overview of the content and its value. 

We also have a Research article review which not only analyses the content but also the method of research applied by the writer. A science article review is another type of article review and it involves analysis of science-related content or article in a comprehensive way. 

Article review format

An article review takes a particular format and citations should be well formatted. The various styles include MLA, APA, Chicago, and more. The summary and analysis of the article should also follow the format you choose or are expected to follow. 

Your article review should have a title that is either descriptive, interrogative, or declarative. This is depending on the focus of your review. Below the title, cite the particular article you will be reviewing. This citation should follow the style of writing you intend to use. 

The next part should be the identification of the article to be reviewed. This entails the article’s title, the author, and the year of publication. You should have this information in the first paragraph of your article review.

After the identification, write a good introduction for your review stating your main focus. Before mentioning your thesis statement, highlight something about the article that leads you to the thesis. The introduction also captures the main strengths and facts in the publication. 

Article review summary

Highlight any unanswered questions, gaps, contradictions, or disparities in the text, leading you to your thesis in the review. You also need to show a good understanding of the publication and basic article reviewing traits. 

Proceed to give a good summary of the article, reviewing the work of the author. This summary also entails the author’s conclusion and point of view. 

The next step is your critique of the author’s work based on the strengths and weaknesses you identify. Go into detail on the identified gaps or unanswered questions in the author’s work. In the critique, you either support or contradict the author’s work. 

The article review should end with a conclusion that reviews the main points of your work. Also, show the impact of your review on the original publication. Article reviews are a good way to sell your site and show the prowess of your writing ability. 

Skills you need as an article writer

Article writing is more than just writing. While one can simply write articles from the comfort of their home, there are basic skills and traits that professional article writers have. 

Easily adaptable

When you are easily adaptable, you can write comfortably using any tone and style. Writing articles that sell requires a persuasive tone and upholding good command in writing. As an article writer, you should know different writing styles and quickly adapt to various writing tones.

Great research skills

As seen earlier in this article, research is the basis of good content writing. Read widely as a writer and understand different topics deeply for you to write good quality content. Additionally, research reliable sources where you can expect to find trustworthy information. 

Proper understanding of SEO

A good article writer remains on top of SEO trends. You need to know the keywords that are trending and what people want to read about. This helps you to settle for sellable keywords and therefore write timely articles. 

Proper organizational skills

Writing, like any other task, requires organizing. You will have targets to achieve and deadlines to meet. Good organizational skills help you to prioritize and plan your work carefully to ensure your audience is well served. 

Organizational skills also help you to plan your content well and avoid placing information without good flow. You have enough time set aside for each article, giving you ample time to work on each and deliver good quality. 

Organizational skills also help you to remain focused. Article writing is not as easy as many assume it is and sometimes writers need the motivation to deliver. As a beginner, you can begin with shorter articles and advance to bigger tasks with time. 

Good editing skills

Before publishing your article, you need to ensure proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This means that your article should be reviewed and edited well before you can finalize it. Many Article writers do not like the editing part but it is very important. 

There are platforms like Grammarly which you can use to properly edit your articles. Proofreading before publishing is also a way of ensuring no errors in your work. Editing requires patience and attention to detail and at times takes up a lot of time. 

In summary

Article writing has greatly advanced and is an efficient way of marketing. Following the tips discussed in this article will guide you on how to write an article that sell. These simple steps help to make your article writing experience easy and enjoyable.

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