How to write a press release

How to Write an Event Press Release

An event press release is essential since it informs the media, target audience, and potential clients about your company’s upcoming event. It reveals critical details such as the event theme, the venue, key speakers, among other information. A press release also highlights the benefits of attending your event.

Writing a press release for an event can be challenging, but it’s very effective if curated well. A press release communicates the right message to your attendees and offers more press coverage. It’s more cost-effective than other marketing strategies, especially for small and medium businesses. 


In this article, you will learn how to write an event press release without much struggle. 

Key elements of writing an effective event press release

Determine your target audience

Knowing your target audience is crucial since it helps you develop a press release that resonates with them. To achieve this, you need to create a profile depending on your audience demographics -including gender, age, and income range. For instance, if you target a particular age like the youths, you can easily convince them to attend the event by naming one activity that the youths love.

You can also determine your audience based on their psychographics. These include customers’ interests, habits, and values. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are: what are the customers’ hobbies? What do they like to watch or read? What do they value most? Do they have specific habits?

Format your event press release properly

Press release formatting is one of the integral parts of writing an effective press release. For easy readability, divide it into several segments. A good event press release should include the following elements:

  • Headline

The headline is the press release’s title and appears at the top centre of your press release. You need to come up with a solid and catchy headline to grab your readers’ attention. It should give your audiences a compelling reason for attending the event. Make it short, precise, well-honed, captivating, and straight to the point with target keywords if you are planning for an SEO-optimized headline. 

Many people use keywords to search for specific topics. Insert your main keyword in the first three words of your headline. Provide essential information such as the event theme, location, and event’s name. You don’t have to give so many upfront details.

 If you want to write an online event press release, keep in mind that Google will index 60 characters and 120 characters for Yahoo. This length increases your chances of being ranked high by search engines. It will also allow you and other people to share your press release on social media sites without cutting off the headline. 

Ensure you use title case formatting in your headline. This involves capitalizing the first letter of each word. It’s good to note that some distribution sites do not allow the capitalization of the whole word. 

  • Dateline and lead Paragraph

This is a very crucial section when writing a press release for an event. The text needs to be captivating and straightforward, highlighting all relevant and critical information about the event. It should be at least 20 to 30 words. 

State the date of the event and the location where the event will take place. The lead paragraph tries to answer the five W’s questions about your event: “who, what, when, how, why, and where.” Answering these questions allows you to give full details that someone needs to know before deciding whether to attend the event or not. 

Avoid using jargon or industry-specific phrases, which your target audience might find hard to understand. Don’t allow people to think so much about what you are saying since they may be disinterested in reading more. 

It should follow this format: City of the event, State, Month, Day, and Year in which the event will occur. 

  • Body

The body is the most significant part of your press release. It should have two to three paragraphs, providing significance and appealing information about the event. Ensure you keep it precise, concise, and easy to read. 

Here you elaborate more about the event’s details, as you stated in the first paragraph. The body should talk about your target audience, key speakers or guests, and the benefits and values of attending the event. Make sure you mention exciting things and facts about the event or venue.

 For instance, if the venue is historical or the date of the venue coincides with the company’s special anniversary, you need to mention it. If you have been hosting this kind of event every year, state the years. For example, say you have been hosting this event for 15 years now. Ensure you add any relevant details that will give weight to your press release. 

Optimize your press release’s body to make it more attractive and exciting. You can also include visuals such as photos and videos that you would want to share with your readers or audiences. Pictures convey a solid message to your audiences even without reading. 

  • Summary

Write a good summary, capturing all the key points of your press release. The summary should have one to four sentences and need to appear in the last section after finalizing the body of your press release. 

  • The boilerplate statements

The boilerplate statement is essential when writing your event press release, and you need to optimize it heavily. Here you give more details about your company, such as the services you offer, who you are, your vision and mission. 

You can also include the company’s brief history and social responsibility, core principles, key executives’ names of your company, and the company’s past events. 

In other words, this is the professional business card of your company that you have to reveal to the media outlets and the general public. Ensure you optimize it as much as possible.

  • Contact information

This section comprises the company’s name, address (optional), telephone number, email address, website address, and one key person’s name and phone number to contact for more information about the release. 

  • Call of action

Include a Call of Action at the end of your press release, directing your readers to take a specific action after reading your event press release. For instance, you can let them know where they can buy the tickets, sign up, or visit the website. Provide a link to the event’s website or landing page.

Note: Write your entire event press release in the third person.  Writing in the third person makes it easier for anyone to read and avoid extra edits before media outlets pick it up.

After you are through with writing a press release for an event, the next thing is distributing it. Using the right distribution channel is advisable if you want your press release to reach the target audience. 

You can search online to see an event press release example and event press release template to get a clear picture of an event press release. 

Event press release best practices

The following are the best practices and tips for writing a perfect event press release:

1. The first impression does matter

Make your press release as attractive as possible. Ensure you begin succinctly and firmly to grasp your readers’ attention within your first words. 

2. Avoid passive voice

Always use active voice through your entire event press release. Active voice helps maintain the readers’ engagement, allowing them to get more explicit details about your event.

3. Make your press release short

Ensure that your press release is as short as possible. Precise and concise as you can. Write only the most relevant information about your event only. Avoid fluff to minimize the reading time. Your event press release must be between 300 to 800 words. 

4. Point out the key person

Identify the event’s point person, whom the readers can direct their inquiries and questions. 

5. Use professional tone

Even if you can use an informal tone depending on your event’s nature, it’s highly advisable to use a professional tone in the entire press release. Aim to be informative and don’t hard sell. Avoid jargon when writing the press release for your event. 

6. Make ultimate timing

The time you send your event press release is very crucial. If you send it too early, people might forget it. If you send it too late, they may as well be committed elsewhere, or you might get undesired target audiences. The best timeline to send your press release is two or three weeks before the actual event’s date. 

7. Send your press release to the right publication

The publication you use will determine if you are addressing the target attendees. Put into consideration the geographical location of your target audiences. 

What you need to avoid when writing an event press release

Avoid these things when writing your press release:

  • Don’t give all information about your event, making your press release too long. Create a desire for your readers to visit your social media profile or website for more details. Leave them asking specific questions about your company, which will drive them to the company’s website. This is more effective as it may attract huge conversions. 
  • Always refer to your company as “I” or “we,” and use “you” while addressing your readers. 
  • Ensure you don’t use over one hyperlink for online release since the search engines may term your event press release as spam. 
  • Don’t include an email address to avoid it being taken by spambots flooding your email. 
  • Don’t use multiple clichés, ALL CAPS, and exclamation points, as they may reduce your press release’s credibility. Ensure you keep it as professional as you can. 
  • Please don’t use too many bullet points since search engines view them as SEO over-optimization. Use paragraphs instead.
  • Don’t use asterisks, dashes, and other symbols to break paragraphs. Simple line spaces will serve better. 
  • Don’t use HTML because some networks do not HTML. 


When should you send a press release for an event?

Press releases fall under two categories: pre-event press releases and post-event press releases. The lead time may vary from one publication to another. If you target newspapers, send your event press release two to three weeks before. If you are targeting magazines, present them three to six months in advance.

The best day to send your press release to the media is Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 10 am to 2 pm. This is the time most journalists and editors read their emails, or they are active. 

 How to write event details for a press release?

Follow the following format to write event details for a press release:

  • Write a catchy and appealing headline.
  • Add the dateline and lead paragraph.
  • Write an interesting press release’s body, describing the event’s activities, theme, and key guests and speakers. 
  • Contact information – Here, you indicate the company’s name, address, a link to the company’s website, and the company’s contact.

How to distribute my event press release?

There are several ways that you can use to distribute your event press release. The first is sending it to the media yourself. Here you have to create a media list of where you want to send your press release. Then craft a submission email that you will send along with your press release. 

Secondly, you can use a press release distribution service to send your press release to numerous news outlets, journalists, reporters, influencers, and blogs. This is the most effective way of distributing your event press release since it will reach many followers. 

You can also post a link to your event press release to all your social media pages. This will allow your followers, fans, and friends to see it and attend the event.


Now you know how to write a press release that is appealing and optimized. An event press release is one of the most significant parts of the marketing strategy for any event. Follow the correct format and be creative while writing your text. Ensure you provide the most crucial information about the event in the lead paragraph and expand the details in the body. 

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