How to Write SEO Articles In 2020 | An Excellent Guide

Do you need your essays to rank high in Google’s coveted first page? If that so, you have to create search engine optimization friendly articles. It is vital to equip yourself with the necessary and sufficient tips on how to write an SEO article.

After reading this article writing service, you will get what you need to craft an SEO article. Remember, fantastic essays drive traffic from Google and social media to your site. Besides, you will have the power over competitors.

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how to write SEO articles

How to Write an SEO Friendly Article

To create a top-rated article, you have to start from a certain point. First, you need to understand what is required by your client. Follow the given rules as they aid in persuasive writing. You can also take a look at other SEO sample articles to gain the tone as well as views.

Additionally, consider keywords whenever you are writing an SEO article. Keywords help search engines understand your content topics and niches for significant results. They include LSI keywords, Vertical keywords, particular keywords, user-generated keywords, and influencer names.

Four Easy Steps for You to Write SEO Articles In 2020

Like any other task, you have to follow some steps to end up with an engaging piece of writing. Here are simple steps to consider.


Research is the first step for a great SEO articles. You have to get this right, or else you will fail. Sometimes analysis can take much of your time compared to writing. If this is the case, do not worry as this is the core pillar. Here are commonly used time-saving ways of research. Get pocket-saves anything you find on the internet as it creates a private database.

how to write SEO articles

Similarly, you can use Blinkist as it offers big ideas in small package, accesses bestselling nonfiction books. In Blinkist, you get super informed widely in a few hours. Alternatively, you can use Google to get information for free. It is wise to note key pages and points of each article. With this high level of knowledge, you are ready for the next step.

Outlining and Headings

The next step now is coming up with the structure of your article. Planning your essay helps you with the necessary flow of ideas as well as allocating the word count. Of course, you do not want to go short of words before you complete your article. Create your subheadings in advance.

Since you know what to talk about and subtopics, now create a great title. People are always desperate to read catchy headlines. Sometimes, you may take more time than expected, but this is a crucial step.


Write an introduction that gets the reader hooked. Though you have already gained the click on your article, do not be so confident. You need to win the attention of the readers so that they can proceed with the writing. Remember that introduction is the key to the success of your article. Always keep it interesting and clear.

The Body and Conclusion

You don’t need to fail in this part after all the effort in the headlines, title, and opening remarks. Create a great storyline, one that is easy to read. Generally, the trick here is the length of your sentences. Always keep them short enough and clear. Paragraphs should be 3 to 4 lines, according to experts.

Write essential points first, and always start lines with different words. The final part of writing is crafting the conclusion. Always aim at a simple end and get the reader to take action. You can share some comments, article samples, or even sign up for your newsletters.


Also, remember to proofread your article. Reading through your article enables you to notice the errors you made while writing. By following this guide, we believe that you are ready to write required SEO content articles. Furthermore, you can reach out to Script Millers as they provide the best article writing tips.

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