Top 10 Effective Link Building Strategies in SEO

Links are generally an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Whether internal or external, links are among the most effective ways to generate traffic to a web page. As such, link building becomes one of the major inputs towards your general SEO strategy. In case you are looking for the most effective link building techniques for your web page, this is the right place to find the strategies., a company with expertise in SEO writing services, has compiled a list of top 10 most effective link building strategies in SEO. These link building strategies will help you gain more traffic into your webpage and simultaneously build up your online authority.

link building strategies in seo

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In this article, Script Millers explores 10 effective link building strategies that will greatly help in your website’s holistic growth. However, it is important to note that effective SEO does not involve a single strategy, i.e., link building. Therefore, for effective SEO, you have to collect several other strategies to help you gain more web traffic into your web page. Given this, this article focuses on link building as a growth strategy for your webpage. Script Millers provides these effective link building strategies to help you generate more traffic into your webpage. A combination of these strategies and other SEO strategies will help you rank higher on search engines.

What is a Link?

First, before we go into the effective link building strategies in SEO, it would be important to understand the term ‘link.’ In simple language, a link is a connection or a relationship between two or more entities so that the existence of one affect another’s existence. In the computing world, a link, which is short for a hyperlink, refers to a tool that directs users to a separate source for more data. Technically, links are placed on anchor texts and are followed by clicking that opens a new window. The new window that opens provides information that is interrelated to the anchor text. Eventually, links help generate more traffic to specific web content.

What are the Three Types of Links?

There are three types of links that help you gain more traffic on webpages:

  1. Backlinks
  2. Outreach links
  3. Self-centered links


Web content creators cannot create backlinks for their own web pages. Typically, organic links are links created on other websites that point back to your webpage. Whenever other content creators consider your content relevant to their audience, they are more likely to create links that direct their audience to your web page. As such, Google recognized these links as important gestures for relevant material. Therefore, to get the most out of these organic links, you must plan to explore link building strategies in SEO.

Self-Created Links

These are links that are created by content creators on their own pages. Self-created links can either be external or internal links. Internal links are links that direct visitors to additions information provided on a different page within your website domain. With these, your visitors can get all information from content you have created and therefore increase web traffic on other pieces of your work. On the other hand, external links are links created by content creators that direct other visitors to other reliable websites. In both instances, you have to ensure that all links direct users or visitors to relevant information. Consequently, these links help generate web traffic on the relevant sites.

Outreach Links

Sometimes, you might identify a website that is normally ranked highly by search engines, i.e., Google. You might probably need to receive backlinks from such sites. In this case, you will have to request a backlink from the respective website. In turn, you might also need to create backlinks for such websites in order to create a long-term SEO relationship that will benefit both sides. Again, you have to ensure that your content is relevant and of high-quality, for you to request for backlinks. Otherwise, other websites might fail to complete your request for backlinks.

What is a Link Building Strategy?

Ever wondered why some sites such as YouTube and Wikipedia are always among the first results in search engines? Well, this occurrence is mainly because several other websites point back to these popular websites. As such, Google tends to consider these websites as relevant to users and make them appear among the first results. Therefore, whenever you create a web page that attracts other websites to link to your content, you have employed a link building strategy.

link building strategies in seo

Link building is a strategic process by web content creators to get other websites to link their content. Therefore, the link building definition implies that the strategy is a scheme that gains a website more visitors that have been referred by other websites. Given this, link building becomes a strategy that helps content creators increase web traffic and simultaneously achieve a high ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing. Moreover, many visitors to a web page make search engines consider the contents as relevant and will rank it highly. Therefore, with these strategies, digital marketers can easily claim online authority since your web page will appear among the first results in search engines.

Top 10 Effective Link Building Strategies in SEO

link building strategies in seo

Now that you understand the necessity of effective link building strategies, the next step would be to learn the specific strategies and place them on a web page. Thus said, how do you run a link building strategy? These 10 effective link building strategies in SEO will help you increase web traffic to your page.

Understand Your Audience

Creating relevant content for your audience is the first step in link building strategies. Given this, you have to understand your audience to deliver content that they find relevant. Understanding your audience’s needs and demands will help you create content that drives more web traffic on your page. Consequently, your web page will receive a higher ranking by Google, making it appear among the first results in serac queries. Also, her content creators are likely to create links that direct users to your web page since the content is relevant to users.

Create a List of Websites that Appeal Your Audience

Once you have established your audience’s needs, you have to conduct research that helps you identify with other sites that might appeal to your audience. Ensure that you create a list that of top websites that are likely to appeal to your audience. Such websites can help you gain organic links that will increase your online authority on search engines.

Create Quality Content

In order to make other websites create links that direct users to your website, you have to create content that possesses high quality and originality. Technically, your content should be both relevant and of high quality to make the webpage useful for other webpages. Better still, the content should appeal to your audience for higher Google rankings.

link building strategies in seo

Match Your Content to Reliable Websites

After writing an amazing blog post that exhibits quality and originality, ensure that you use the list created in strategy number 2. Ensure that you pick out sites that match your content’s details to create link building in SEO. After that, create external links within your content that directs users to these reliable sites. In turn, such websites may also create links that direct users to your page.

Create Up-To-Date Content

Experts in content creation strongly advise that content creators should always ensure that their content is up to date. This way, you are likely to maintain relevance within your target audience. Furthermore, regular updates on online content is another strategy of increasing Google ranking on a webpage as Google easily recognizes fresher content as compared to older content. Any website that maintains an exemplary online authority is likely to receive backlinks from other websites.

Utilize Infographics

As you create appealing content for your audience, you should include infographics. Experts in content creation reveal that most users are likely to find content incorporated with infographics as more relevant than those without. Therefore, infographics could go a long way into attracting more visitors to your web page. Additionally, other websites are likely to create backlinks that direct to your content when you provide infographics.

Create Lists in Your Content

Lists attract more users to go through your content. Studies on digital marketing reveal that most users are likely to open a page that relays information in the form or a list, rather than big blocks of paragraphs. Therefore, to attract more visitors and backlinks, lists are among the most effective link building strategies in SEO.

Contact Reliable Websites for Backlinks

One of the most effective link building strategies is contacting content creators from reliable websites with information that matches your content. Ensure that you send a request for backlinks explaining your content and expressing your wish to receive backlinks. So, how do you outreach a link building? You can opt to contact them through social media platforms, email, or direct phone calls. Most content creators are likely to provide backlinks in case your content is relevant and appealing.

Use Social Media Platforms.

As part of the most effective link building strategies in SEO, social media platforms help your content reach new audiences. Ensure that you share your content on a public platform or send them to individuals who are likely to go through your content. Now that your content is more visible, it is likely to receive more visitors and backlinks.

Study Competitors’ Links

In digital marketing, you have to consider what your competitors are doing in order to keep up with the competition. Therefore, we include competitors in our link building strategies list so that you can always review what competitors are doing to get backlinks from reliable sites. Having done this, you can also figure out other undiscovered websites that could help you get backlinks.

Frequently Asked Questions on Link Building Strategies in SEO

Q. Is link building still relevant to SEO?

A. Link building is one of the several strategies employed by content creators to generate more web traffic into a page. As such, link building is very relevant in SEO. Link building enables reliable websites to link back to your content, making Google view your content as relevant to users. Generally, relevant content receives higher rankings by Google.

Q. How many types of link building are there in SEO?

A. There are three types of link building in SEO:

  1. Backlinks: backlinks refer to links created in other websites that refer back to your content.
  2. Outbound links: these are links generated from your content and refer others to content provided by other websites.
  3. Internal links: Internal links are links created to direct users to other pages within the same website.

Q. Which is the best link building type?

A. All these link building tools are equally important in SEO. None of these creative link strategies is more important than the other as they work collectively to increase web traffic into a page.

Get SEO Writing Services.

Increasing your visibility on search engines might be quite challenging since you have to incorporate several strategies. However, with the guidance of experts in SEO writing, getting high rankings on Google might become easier to achieve. In case you need experts in content creation, do not hesitate to contact for the best online SEO writing services.

In conclusion, link building strategies in SEO effectively increase the visibility of a page and web traffic. provides a list of the top 10 most effective link building strategies that will help you generate more traffic into your web page. With these point-blank SEO link building strategies, you can manage to claim your online authority.

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