1000 Power Words for SEO Writing

1000 Power Words for SEO Writing

Ever thought why some bloggers somehow always know just the right words to use to toy with your emotions? Yes, you find yourself clicking through to their blog posts within nano-seconds of reading the headline alone. And you wonder what’s the secret behind this uncanny ability to pull you into their webpages. Well, the trick lies in how they use power words for SEO. It’s fairly simple, really. Including one or two power words into your article headline can elicit all kinds of emotions from the reader.

Power words for SEO can make your reader feel scared, aroused, encouraged, greedy, curious, safe, or angry. And content marketers know just how to apply them into sentences to spice up their content. Essentially, as a content creator, your primary objective is always to try and compel your readers to take action on your work. If you, therefore, want to bring your ideas to life, check out our power words list below.

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power words for seo

What are Power Words for SEO?

By now, you probably already have an idea of what power words are and how you can use it in your writings. Power words for SEO are basically persuasive and descriptive words that are meant to trigger either a positive or negative response from the reader. When used effectively, power words can elicit different kinds of emotional responses and actions.

Smart speakers and speechwriters have also been known to sprinkle their speeches with power words saturated in sensory details. These words often take the audience by surprise and at the reader’s mercy.

What’s more, the use of power words for SEO goes beyond just storytellers and speakers. Copywriting, email marketing messages, sales pages, content marketing, case studies, testimonials, call to actions, and social media posts can all benefit from using power words. Besides passing information to the audience, all writers always aim to draw out certain emotions as well.

Maybe you want to impress your audience, get them excited, angry, cautious, or encourage them to keep going. Whatever your reason for writing your blog, introducing power words and phrases helps to make your work more influential. If therefore, you are looking for an effective way to give your blogs more punch, a little personality is the way to go. And the secret lies in how well you infuse all your writings with powerful words.

1000+ Best Power Words and Phrases for SEO And Marketing

As a marketer, it’s likely that you’re already on the hunt for these magical marketing phrases. Of course, if used right, these power words eventually translate organic traffic into dollar signs, every business owner’s dream. Words are also powerful because they inspire action in people. True, coming up with a marketing phrase isn’t always easy. So, we compiled a list of the best power words and phrases.

power words for seo

We organized these power words for SEO by category to help you easily adapt and apply them. Enjoy!

Most Persuasive Words in the English Language

Because Free Instantly New

Most Persuasive words in Advertising

Amazing Easy Miracle Revolutionary
Announcing Hurry Now Sensational
Bargain Improvement Offer Startling
Challenge Introducing Quick Suddenly
Compare Magic Remarkable Wanted

Words for Popular Blog Post Headline

Big/Huge Cringeworthy Mistakes Myths
Critical Data-backed Must New
Hacks Easy This Now
History Exclusive Tips People
Science Expert Trends Proven
Smart Facts Tricks Science-backed
Surprising Formula Ultimate Secret
Amazing Free Video Shocking
Bargain Guide What/Who/Which/When/Where/Why Simple
Bizarre How to Weird Steps/Step-by-step
Breakthrough Infographic You/Your Strategies
Cheat sheet Instantly Tested/Tried-and-tested
Checklist Little-known Template

Words to Increase Facebook Shares, Likes, and Comments

Amuses Inspires Take Where
Comment Post Tell use Would
Deals Should Warns
Discounts Submit When

Words to Increase Retweets

10 Free New blog post Social
Blog Great Please Social media
Blog post Help Please retweet Top
Check out How to Post Twitter
Follow Media Retweet You

Better Adjectives to Use Instead of “Good”

Amazing Exceptional Inventive Practical
Amusing Exciting Irresistible Professional
Astounding Exhilarating Key Remarkable
Awe-Inspiring Extraordinary Life-changing Sensational
Awesome Eye-catching Lovely Significant
Beautiful Eye-opening Magical Skillful
Best Fantastic Magnificent Spectacular
Breathtaking Fresh Marvelous Spellbinding
Brilliant Fun Masterful Striking
Clever Gorgeous Memorable Stunning
Compelling Grand Mind-blowing Surefire
Creative Hilarious Mind-boggling Terrific
Dazzling Imaginative Miraculous Unforgettable
Delightful Important Momentous Unmatched
Elegant Impressive Notable Unrivalled
Engaging Incredible Noteworthy Valuable
Enjoyable Influential Original Wonderful
Entertaining Innovative Outstanding Wondrous
Epic Inspirational Perfect
Essential Inspiring Phenomenal
Excellent Interesting Powerful

Words to Call Readers to Action

Add Create Learn Start
Browse Discover Need Submit
Buy Download Promote Subscribe
Call Explore Register Trial
Claim Find Save Try
Check Follow Search Update
Click Get Send Vote
Comment Join Share Want
Contact Launch Sign up

Words to Provoke Anger

Abhorrent Bully Destroy Dreadful
Absurd Condescending Detest Exasperated
Abuse Corrupt Devastating Exploit
Annoy Coward Discriminatory Evil
Appalling Cruel Disgraceful Fed up
Arrogant Crush Disgusting Force-fed
Atrocious Deceitful Dishonest Foul
Awful Despicable Dishonorable Frustrating
Had enough Manipulate Rant Struggle
Hate Never again Repulsive Terrible
Heartbreaking Obnoxious Revolting Underhanded
Heinous Odious Shameful Unethical
Hindrance Offensive Senseless Unfair
Immoral Patronizing Sick and tired Unforgivable
Inexcusable Pointless Smug Unjust
Infuriating Pompous Snob Untrustworthy
Irritating Powerless Stink Unworthy
Loathe Pretentious Suffer Waste
Lies Provoke Superior Wrong

Words to Encourage Community

Be a part of Let’s Together You’re in the right place
Connect Not alone We all know
Help us Support We can
Join Team

Words to Spark Curiosity

Answers Find out why No one talks about Odd
Astonishing Forbidden Obscure Questions
Banned Hidden Unbelievable Quirky
Behind the scenes Hilarious Uncommon Peculiar
Bizarre Imagine Unconventional Puzzling
Censored Incredible Uncover Rare
Click to find out Insane Unknown Remarkable
Confessions Interesting Unexpected Revealed
Confidential Intriguing Unique Revolutionary
Controversial Life-changing Unusual Ridiculous
Cringeworthy Little-known Weird Riveting
Did you know Magic Wonder Secret
Disclose Must-know You don’t know Shocking
Discovery Must-use You should already know Sneak peek
Eccentric Mysterious You will never guess Spoiler
Elusive Mystifying You won’t believe Strange
Extraordinary Myth Surprising
Eye-opening New discovery Tell all of your friends
Fascinating No one knows Top secret
Find out more No one tells you Truth

Words to Offer Exclusivity

Be the first Find out first Limited edition Private
Before everyone else Hidden Login required Rare
Behind the scenes Insider Members only Secret
Confidential Invitation Membership Sneak peek
Elite Just for you Never-before-seen Special
Exclusive Limited Newly released Unique
Only available for Premium Priceless Unseen

Words to Target Fear

Afraid Doubt Horrid Reject
Agony Drawback Horrifying Risky
Alarming Dread Humiliation Ruin
Beware Drowning Idiotic Scam
Caution Dumb Intimidate Setback
Catastrophe Embarrassing Jeopardy Severe
Clueless Error Lame Shatter
Collapse Fail Limitation Shock
Concern Fatal Mediocre Stumbling block
Crisis Fault Misfortune Stupid
Damage Fear Mishap Suck
Danger Flaw Mistake Suffering
Dark Foolish Monstrous Threat
Daunting Forgettable Nightmare Threatening
Deadly Formidable Ominous Toxic
Death Fraud Ordeal Trapped
Destroy Frightening Painful Trouble
Destruction Ghastly Panic Unexpected
Devastating Grievous Peril Unhealthy
Difficult Grim Pitfall Unknowingly
Dire Harmful Poison Unlucky
Disadvantage Harsh Problem Useless
Disappoint Hazard Rash Warning
Disaster Horrendous Reckless Worry

Words to Target Greed

Bargain Exclusive offer Giveaway Limited
Best Extra Half price Lowest
Bonus Extravagant Hurry Luxurious
Cheap First Jackpot Marked down
Clearance Final Jealous Massive
Discount Fortune Last chance More
Double Free Latest Need
Never again Only today Reward Triple
One-time-only Prize Sale Unlimited
Only [insert number] available Profit Sale ends soon While they last
Profitable Reduced Special offer Treasure

Words to Appeal to Logic

According to Data-backed Logical Studies show
Accordingly, Due to Makes sense Study
Analytical Evidence Methodical Supported by
Analyze Evident Organize Therefore
As a result, Example Plan This leads to
Authority For this reason, Reasons This conveys
Based on Hence Report This suggests
Because In comparison Research Thus
Conclusive In contrast Results show Validate
Consequently In order to Science Well-thought-out
Data Justify Since Why

Words to Make Readers Lust After Something

Alluring Desire Hypnotic Riveting
Attractive Enchanting Irresistible Seductive
Breathless Entrancing Longing Sexy
Breathtaking Exotic Lovely Sinful
Captivating Fantasy Mesmerizing Striking
Crave Forbidden Passionate Tantalizing
Decadent Irresistible Provocative Tempting
Delirious Hunger Ravishing

Words to Make It Personal

You I We Us
Your My Our

Words to Imply Simplicity

Actionable Effective Instructions Quick
All it takes Efficient Just Recipe
All you need Effortless List Rookie
Basic Everything included Manageable Simple
Before you know it Example Maximize Start
Beginner Fill in the blanks Newbie Step-by-step
Blueprint Foolproof Noob-friendly Steps
Cheat sheet Formula No problem Straightforward
Clear Fundamentals Nothing to it Techniques
Direct Guide Overview Template
Easy How-to Painless Tips
Easy-as-pie In less than Piece of cake Tools
Easy-to-read In no time Plain
Instant Practical Tricks

Words to Imply Specificity

Because Exemplar Detailed Specific
Certain Explain How This
Complete Define Identify Why
Comprehensive Definite Illustrate
Exactly Definitive In-depth
Example Demonstrate Precise

Words to Build Trust

According to Expert Official Risk-free
Accurate Free trial Privacy Safe
Anonymous Fully refundable Professional Secure
Assurance Guaranteed Promise Studies
Authentic Here to help Proof Tested
Authoritative Honest Protected Testimonial
Backed Justified Proven Try first
Cancel anytime Low risk Refund Unsubscribe
Case study Money back Reliable Updated
Certified No obligation Report Verified
Consistent No risk Research Warranty
Endorsed No strings attached Results Well-respected

Words to Imply Urgency

Act now Expires Limited Right now,
Before they disappear Fast Never again Running out
Before you forget Final Now Today
Clearance Hurry Only available until While they last
Deadline Immediately One-time-only
Don’t miss out Instantly Only today
Ends soon Last chance Quick

Words to Appeal to Vanity

Ahead of your competitors Confident Greatest Smart
Always a step ahead Conquer Hero Succeed
Ambitious Courageous Heroic Successful
Award Daring Influential Triumph
Best Devoted Innovative Valiant
Bold Elegant Inventive Victory
Boost Expert Millions
Brave Fearless Powerful
Clever Genius Prize

Powerfully Persuasive Words Every Business Should Adopt in Their Content

Business and marketing competition has become so competitive today that almost every product or service now has several alternatives to it. And every one of them wants in on the action, to be at the top of the competition. As a marketer, you always want to know what makes your target audience turn their attention to your product/service.

It’s the words. Words often play a huge role in helping people decide which products or services to buy or use. Of course, there are several other variables that you must consider as well. However, certain words have, time and time again, proved to sell better than others. They just do.

Here’s a list of the best power words that will attract more customers to your product or service:


Inasmuch as it’s a sleazy and overused word in almost all context, think again. Who wouldn’t want to use the best product or enjoy the best service if offered to them? As a business, you can give away practically anything for free, and it will grab customers’ attention in nano-seconds. Sure, some customers may brush off your offer, but still, they will linger over it and consider it altogether. Everyone loves free stuff, plain and simple. It’s one of the most effective power words for SEO in the marketing world today.


The term ‘easy-to-use’ plays a critical role, especially when buying new software online. Besides sourcing for free or cheap products and services, nobody always wants to do the work to use it. Life itself is complicated enough as it is. As a result, consumers often get attracted to products or services that are simple or easy to use. Also, it might just be lazy to put in work when you can provide them with a simpler solution.


Marketers who know their stuff always make their products exclusive, only available to a select consumer group. Several studies on consumer behavior have found that everyone always wants to be part of the ‘exclusives.’ People will want your product even more if they realize that they can’t have it. The same is also true for power words and phrases like invitation only, insider, members only, etc. everyone will want in on the action.

power words for seo


Label a product or service as limited or a limited edition, and you will see consumers line up for it. Fact is, people just hate missing out on just about anything. If you say that the first 100 customers get your product or service for free, suddenly even those unappealing products or services are attractive. The fact that you’re getting a great deal and the offer is limited forces you to opt for it. You must just have it while the offer stands.


Authenticity is also a critical selling point and one that many consumers highly value. With so much fraud on almost every product today, customers might be skeptical buying your product or service questioning its authenticity. Fortunately, with the right set of power words for SEO and marketing, you can give your target audience the reassurance that they need.

You’ve also likely seen the word ‘guaranteed’ almost everywhere. That’s because it works. The goal now is actually to come through and back up your guarantee. You cannot claim to provide authentic, legitimate products or services when your results aren’t proven, or your returns aren’t hassle-free. Sure, it may work in the short-term, but it will bite you down the road. Other power words that you can use to reassure your customers include proven, no obligation, secure, hassle-free, and risk-free.


It’s a no-brainer, really, when writing a post title or heading with ‘best’ in it. For example, which sounds better? “How to Mow your Lawn” or “The Best Way to Mow your Lawn.” You also realize that online users tend to add the word ‘best’ in front of their searches to improve their search odds. People usually trust and rely on posts labelled ‘best’ and believe that they have something to offer them.

It’s vital, however, that you don’t use this word deceptively. If you are not truly the best at what you do, don’t call yourself the best. It falls among the most effective power words for SEO that you can use. But only if you deserve it.


Consumers always love comparing products and services to find and use only the best that they can afford. Thanks to the internet, you can now visit several different review sites and blogs to help you make comparisons before purchasing or using a product/service.

power words for seo

What’s the comparison between:

  • Pampers v. Huggies
  • HubSpot v. Marketo
  • Google Play store v. Apple Store
  • Ford v. Chevrolet

People always want to know who is dominating the market and who would likely stand on top when being compared side-by-side. As a marketer, you can always use this to your advantage. Tell your customers to compare your product or service quality, price, ease of use, etc. with your competition. Even better, you can make it easier by doing the comparison yourself. But that’s only if you know that your products/services beat the competition. It doesn’t make sense to compare your products with your competitor’s if they provide much better products.

Are You Looking for an SEO Writing Service to Help with Your Power Words for SEO?

It’s no secret that finding and using the right power words for SEO and marketing needs isn’t always easy. More often than not, content creators don’t know how to use these powerful words in English. Fortunately, you can now find SEO writing services that have the skills and expertise for your post. Scriptmillers.com ranks as the best SEO writing service in the world with a host of expert, professional writers for your SEO writing needs.

Script Millers has several years of SEO writing experience. If you are looking for a company that knows how to incorporate power words for SEO, then Scriptmillers.com is the service to use. The company’s team of writers, editors, and proofreaders have the experience and expertise to incorporate power words and phrases that will boost your click-throughs and number of visitors to your site. You wouldn’t find a better SEO writing service with better service than Script Millers.


Hopefully, this excerpt was resourceful and has clarified which power words for SEO you should use and how you can use them. Ensure, therefore, that you use your best judgment and creativity to use these powerful words in English appropriately. With that, good luck with your next writing endeavors.

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