Press Manual from a Professional Press Release Writing Service

The key to writing a successful press release is understanding the parts of a press release. Although it sounds simple, it is not that straightforward as acknowledged by press release writing services. 

When it comes to exciting pieces to read, press releases join this list. They are informative articles that individuals can peruse to attain knowledge. Thus, it should not come as a surprise to find most people asking, ‘what are the press releases today?’ However, the concept of writing such pieces is not well known among most people. Hence, when faced with such tasks, most of these individuals now begin looking for sample press release templates. Others may opt to hire a professional ghostwriter from press release writing services to teach them how to write a press release for an event or tackle the task for them. Whatever the case is, one must understand this concept and the press release format 2019. 

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What is a Press Release?

Some people may know a press release as a news release. Most press release writing services define it as an official announcement that a company or organization presents to specific news media stations. Some people may refer to it as a news release, media release, or a press statement. Whatever term you choose to use, the fact is that all of them refers to the same thing. Such a report contains essential news that can assist an organization in standing out and building on its mindshare with journalists over time.

Types of Press Releases

When you look at press release template google docs, you will realize that there are several types of press releases. Some of them may be familiar with most press release writing services and ghostwriting services, while some may not. Thus, if you want to hire a ghostwriter, ensure that you first check to see if they know how to write them. Here are several occasions that can give you an idea for your press release and decide the content you want:

  • New product launches
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Updates to existing products
  • Hosting or attending an event
  • Opening a new office
  • Introducing a new partnership
  • Rebranding
  • Promoting or hiring a new executive
  • Receiving an award 

What are the Key Elements of a Press Release?

When you are looking at a press release sample for product launch or rebranding, you will notice some vital elements. These are the aspects that are mandatory in this writing. All press release writing services have to be familiar with these elements. They include:

press release writing service

The Headline

Every press release ought to have an attention-grabbing and eye-catching headline. It must give the reader a brief and precise overview of the story and why it is worth reading. 

The Media Contact Information

As the name suggests, this element entails providing details of the media. These are details such as the name, telephone digits, email, mailing address, and other contact details for the individual that is distributing the release to the media.

The Dateline

The dateline is another element that must be present in this document. It should appear in the first sentence of the first paragraph that contains the release date, city, and state. Journalists must know they are receiving the most current information. Thus, whether you wrote the information some days before ensure you put the dateline of when you are distributing the release.

The Introduction Paragraph

According to most press release writing services,the introductory paragraph is the most critical section of any writing. In such a release, it is the essential part that most journalists want to read, and perhaps, the only one. Thus, it must be thorough and accurate. It should provide answers on who, what, where, why, and when. When writing an introductory paragraph of a press release, most writers are advised to use the Inverted Pyramid Style. It allows for vital information to be given first followed by subsequent details in order of diminishing significance.

The Body

The body of such a manuscript primarily consists of two to four paragraphs. However, they may exceed this limit depending on the instructions. In these sections, writers must now provide comprehensive details, statistics, background, and other significant information. Ensure you also use the Inverted Pyramid style in this segment. 

The Boilerplate

The boilerplate is a unique section in a release. It is a brief paragraph providing details of the company you have been referring to in your work. In this segment, a writer can offer particular information. For example, when the company was founded or precise knowledge of its history and background. 

The Close

In the close of most releases, a writer tends to indicate three-pound symbols “###”. It signifies the end of the release. Hire a press release writing service that knows how and where to use the close.

What is the Point of a Press Release?

There is always a goal of writing any manuscript. For instance, the work of a research proposal is to seek approval to conduct an investigation. It, therefore, means that there is also a reason why people write press releases. The importance of press release includes:

It is a Vital Public Relations Tool

One of the most critical documents in any company is a press release. It is the free public relations tool that most starting and growing small businesses ought to have. Nonetheless, most of them do have these releases. Most of these small business owners do not know the value of these tools. Therefore, if pressured to have them, they go online asking, ‘Do press releases still work?’ or ‘What are PR sites?’ PR refers to public relations, and one of the best PR tools a company can equip itself with is a release.

How does it Work?

In every release, a company focuses on a particular plan or goal. Therefore, every press will tend to publicize critical or beneficial information about an upcoming event or one that has occurred. For example, a function of launching a new product or introducing a newly hired executive. These are some of the most valid reasons why companies need to write these releases. They will help in educating and informing the public of new products, how to use them, and other relevant details. A company can also write a press release telling the audience of an information security breach. In this case, they must tell their clients what happened, and the measures that are being taken to ensure such a scenario will never happen again. 

It is a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Initially, companies used other platforms to market their new products. For example, newspapers, radio stations, television stations, and so on. Today, press releases stand out as marketing tools, especially when introducing new products in the market due to their unique features. According to most press release writing services, these features are the elements that make it easily distinguishable from other marketing platforms. These press release writing services also acknowledge that these aspects make a release clear and easy to read. 

How Do I Write A Press Release?

Writing a press release is quite easy if one knows a reliable press release writing service to hire. Some press release writing services may offer guidelines on the steps on how to write a press release. However, other press release writing services may not, meaning that you have to learn beforehand. Since we have looked at the parts of a press release, it is now easier for us to understand what the writing phase entails. It is because it merely asks for knowledge expansion of the parts of a press release. Here is an agreed upon step by step guide by professional press release writing services on how to write a press release:

Come up with a Catchy Headline

Having an idea is the first step of knowing what you want to discuss. However, not all ideas can make catchy headlines. Hence you will have to be creative and twist the phrasing until you come up with an exciting headline. Writing a superb headline is vital because it tells the public if they are interested in your writing or not. So, their decision relies on that one line. It may seem scary writing a sensational headline. However, it is not. 

press release writing service

How to Write a Catchy Headline

Here are some tips from expert press release writing services that can help you when you are writing a press release headline:

  1. Utilize action verbs since they tend to make the title more captivating.
  2. Let your headline be specific, simple, and brief. A vague or wordy title can make you lose track of the main objective of the release.
  3. Use clear and understandable language. Using slang and complicated terminologies can make the public misinterpret your intentions and the message of your press release. 
  4. Let your headline be one line. It is essential to keep your title in one line so that the public can focus on only one topline message.
  5. Keep it interesting. There are hundreds of press releases that are written by writers and press release writing services every day. So, it is up to you to stand out from all of these. Give your work a compelling headline that proves it is worth reading. 

Write the News Value to the Press

If you are an analyst, reporter, or influencer, you ought to share your announcement with the press, explaining why they should care about your work. Therefore, you will have to structure your work in paragraphs. These paragraphs are what make up the parts of a press release. Most press release writing services require that you start with the introductory paragraph. In the first paragraph, ensure that you answer the questions of who, what, why, where, and how. For example, your release can be meant to cover a new product launch. In such a case, tell the public and the press what it is, and who is involved. Also explain where it all started, and how it operates.

How to Ace the News Value

Usually, reporters have a lot of press releases that they have to evaluate daily. It means that they do not have a ton of time to sift through your vague release. So, be as precise and straightforward as possible in your writing. Secondly, provide all the facts that can help the reader in believing your story. Only valid justifications can sway any reader regardless of their position of authority. Lastly, introduce every information you will tackle in this release in this section. No new information later discussed in other parts should be presented after covering this segment.

Provide a Tempting Quote

After providing the significance and a brief background of your release, you will now offer more comprehensive information. The in-depth knowledge is brought to light with a quote that reporters can use for context around your announcement. Additionally, the quote can assist them in painting a picture of how the news of your company impact its industry, client base, and landscape. These quotes are initially acquired from the company stakeholders, executive team, project leaders, and so on. In these quotes, the team has to identify the vital figures and authorities, consequently denoting the significance of your development. You do not have to quote all members of the company. Instead, you can choose two critical spokespeople and direct your quote on their perspective.

Give Background Information on the Subject

You will do this in the last paragraph. A writer must remember that they already presented the vital details and information of their release to the readers earlier on. So, they do not have to repeat this information. Nonetheless, they must provide the features that tend to strengthen the narrative of the release, its creativity and worth. Thus, a writer can tell how the organization has developed the project or announcement in question. If necessary or applicable, a writer can also offer future implications of their announcement. It is as simple as that. However, writers can be tempted to give repetitive and extra facts on the development of their announcement or company. It can lead to vagueness, and we all know that a press release has to be straightforward and concise.

Summarize Your Task in a Boilerplate

When you hire professional press release writing services, you will realize that they have included boilerplate. It is one of the sections in a press release as stamped by majority of these press release writing services. In every work, a writer must summarize the key points that they want their reader to grasp. It is the same case in a press release. The only difference is that the summary of the release is included in the boilerplate. When writing these summarize, there are various things that writers need to understand. These are the aspects that can make them provide an incompetent release.

Pointers on How to Write the Boilerplate

Expert press release writing services recommend that you do the following when you are writing this section:

Describe Your Company Roles in Simple Language

Describe what your company does briefly and concisely. Avoid using complicated grammar and terminologies. Additionally, ensure that you give a link to your company’s homepage. It will make your boilerplate more straightforward.

Summarize all Parts of a Press Release

Do not just summarize the content in specific parts of a press release. Instead, focus on all the information provided in the work. If you are good at this, ensure you consult with a press release writing service.

How Much Does Writing a Press Release Cost?

The cost of writing a release varies depending on its objective and the press release writing service you hire. For instance, the ghostwriter fees for a release meant for advertising and public relation purposes in one press release writing service may range from $30 to $182 per hour. The ghostwriter salary for an entire project can range from $125 to $1,500. Due to these high payments, most people have acquired an interest in ghostwriting. So, do not be shocked to find people asking, ‘is ghostwriting legal?’ ‘What is a freelance ghostwriter?’ or ‘How to become a ghostwriter.’ It means that there are also fraudulent press release writing services online. So, be cautious when you are hiring a ghostwriter to tackle such a task for you. Ensure you have a useful guide on how to hire a ghostwriter for a press release task. 

How Do I Distribute A Press Release For Free?

After most people or press release writing services write such tasks, they often want to distribute them for free. So they go online looking for answers to questions such as, ‘What is the best press release distribution service?’ and ‘Do you have to pay for press releases?’ There are various press releases that you ought to pay for and there are those that you can distribute for free. If you are leaning more for the free one, then choose It is one of the best choices for companies looking for to distribute freely and with press release features that cost money. For example, the company logo, keyword listing, file uploads, and industry targeting. You get to attach files to your release for free for distribution on your company’s website.

This article on the parts of a press release is the most straightforward guideline on the web. You get to quickly master the parts of a press release and what to charge press release writing services. Hence, use this guide if you want to learn the press release concept thoroughly and quickly. 

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