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Affordable SEO copywriting services to grow your business

Are you struggling to keep your business afloat? Are you spending more than you are getting in return? SEO copywriting services could be your answer. For a new SEO business, looking for cheap copywriting services is highly advised. Do not go overboard and put all your dimes on a copywriter.

Expensive is good, but only if you can afford. Cheap can be expensive, so go for the average cost. Go with the standards of your website. If your business is a start-up, buy a beginner’s service. For well-established enterprises, choose the best copywriting services.


What determines the affordability of SEO copywriting services?

Your target audience governs your budget. Local or international? If your target is the local audience, the budget depends on the number of people you intend to reach. For international marketing, you must put in good budgeting to reach as many people as possible.

Either way, whether local or international, the actual cost is dependent on your company standards. A small business will budget small while a big business will budget big.

It also depends on your expectations. What future goals do you want to achieve? You can be a small business but aims to grow your company in a short duration. If so, you must budget big.

Where to get affordable SEO copywriting services?

Copywriting services are offered online. All you need to do is search for the services you need. Other companies advertise their services on social media. is a good example of sites that offer quality and affordable SEO copy writing services.

SEO Copywriting services

Copywriting services depend on the type of content written. The type of content is grouped with the intended source. These sources include:

  • Landing pages
  • AdSense content both online and offline.
  • Blog posts
  • Letters aimed for sales
  • Direct mails
  • Brochures
  • Press release

What are SEO copywriting services?

SEO copywriting services refer to writing copy content that is search engine optimized. For content to be termed as search engine optimized, it must adhere to SEO characteristics. For example,

  • The content should be Persuasive and answers most searches related to that topic
  • Content that is crawl accessible for search engines to reach and index
  • The content should be keyword optimized depending on the client’s instructions
  • Good SEO should be Worthy of citations, internet addresses, and links
  • Must include URLs, a catchy title, and thorough descriptions

Companies and individuals offering search engine copywriting services must possess the above characteristics too. Their adverts of the skill should portray some if not all of SEO content characteristics.

Who is an SEO copywriter?

An SEO copywriter is a writer (human or machine) that provides search engine optimized content. The content aims to sell or promote goods and services. The copywriter writes as per their readers’ needs, thus appealing for action-taking.

In short, the copywriter writes content that adheres to search engine requirements and those of the readers.

How to appeal to human beings for SEO copywriting?

How to use your SEO copy-written content to engage people? Below are points to help you appeal to  many humans for your SEO copywriting.

  • Use a persuasive title that makes them read the intro, and want to click your page
  • Start with an engaging intro that makes them want to read
  • Constantly update content on your website
  • The body must always be informative
  • Employ words that trigger a desire for action

The importance of SEO copywriting services

In short, why do you need SEO copywriting services?

Copywriting is more or less the usual content created on copies. SEO copywriting is writing search engine-friendly content. The primary goal of content is to inform, but SEO content aims to promote or sell. Below are the benefits of seeking SEO copywriting services.

  • Makes your site double wedged compatible with search engines and with readers wants
  • Helps bring out correct keyword placing
  • Allows a correct number of keywords used

Writing SEO content is different from SEO copywriting, so is their importance.

Why use SEO copywriting?

  • To help solve your client’s problems

Every reader goes online looking for content. The basic need is information, so your content should not be a fluff of words. Let readers learn something out of it.

  • As an action provoking tool

Besides your content being a source of information, it should drive readers to take action. If the info is about a product, your content should persuade readers to buy, or at least test it.

The process of SEO copywriting

As mentioned earlier, SEO copywriting is creating content for keyword search optimization. Follow these steps to write your SEO content.

  1. Write the objective statement

What do you aim to achieve?  Your desired objective should be one or at most two. Your objective statement should read as;

“This blog aims to make you aware of how to get affordable SEO copywriting services”.

  1. Write your main message

An objective statement gives basic information on what to expect in the body. However, having the main message in mind helps the writer to stay focused. The main message seeks to answer one question like why, what, or how?

  1. Know your audience

Knowing your target audience is very important in delivering content that they like. It also helps you write content that satisfies their needs.

  1. Structure your content

What structure is your content going to follow? Is it the basic title, introduction, body, and conclusion? The keyword, mega introduction, mega title, introduction, body, and conclusion? Or is it a free format?

  1. Make a list of keyword

Depending on your purpose, make a list of applicable keywords to that purpose. For example on the statement above, possible keywords are;

  • SEO copywriting
  • SEO copywriting services
  • SEO copywriter

The importance of creating a keyword list is to direct your inner message. The message the body of the blog or article will carry.

  1. Identify your search intent

There are four main search intentions.

  • Commercial intent

Most of such content is the buyer’s guide for products or services. The content helps the reader make a more informed decision when buying goods and services.

  • Navigational intent

Is the content aimed to get people to see your website when they enter specific keywords?

  • Transactional intent

Do you intend your readers to buy whatever you’re advertising in your blog?

  • Informative intent whose purpose is to keep readers informed.
  1. Make a compelling landing page

A landing page is an introduction to your content. Landing page words are those that readers view before clicking on your site to read the full text. This is why the landing page should be compelling. It should make good first impressions so that readers are enticed to read on.

  1. Write the main message in depth

The main message is found in the body. It conveys the bigger picture of the topic. It also elaborates and brings to life the purpose of writing SEO copywriting.

  1. Conclude your content

The conclusion is the final statement. Some conclusions are introduced by; in conclusion, or summary. Others by introductory such as final remarks, final word, and last comments. You can also conclude your SEO without alerting the reader that it is the conclusion.

Stating it’s the conclusion is not as important as the kickers that come with it. Your conclusion should convince readers to take action.

  • If your content is transaction intended, drop a shopping link at the end
  • If it’s informative intended, summarize the main points by writing them
  • For commercial intended, point out the main takers to your guide
  • The conclusion to navigational intended content is done with links leading readers to your webpage
  1. Revise and edit the content

Check for structure adherence, and if all client’s instructions are met. Test SEO guidelines too like search engine ranking.

  1. Get your client to approve

Submit your work to your client for approval, or corrections in any.

Elements of SEO copywriting

Writing informative and appealing content cuts out with the audience only. For high Google rankings, the content requires more aspects like elements of copywriting. They include;

  1. Loading speed

The standard load duration is 2 seconds. The lower the load time the better. Ever witnessed a page that takes a lot of time to load? What did you do next? Left the page and went to others whose loading time is milliseconds. The introduction can be inviting, but with more load time the interest disappears.

Use sites like Pingdom to determine your site’s load time. Read guides in MOZ and other sites to increase your website’s loading speed.

  1. Catchy heading

An SEO copywriter may spend hours even days crafting the most engaging content for his readers. Without a good heading, those readers may not get to the introduction let alone the body.

The heading is what readers see first. Make it 10 times as enticing as the body. Make readers want to click your page.

How to write a title that sells?

Besides including a keyword in your content, the heading should be appealing. The following are characteristics of a good title;

  • Use 6-8 words in your heading
  • Use questioning words such as how, why, what, and where
  • Use other selling words like revealed, exposed, top, and best
  • Use numeric in your SEO title like top 10 factors. 300 reasons to

If you’re having difficulties crafting a title, use a title generator like the SEO blog title generator. Input the keyword, then click generate for results. The process is automatic and online-based.

Already have a heading? Use a headline analyzer to analyze the efficiency of your headline with the content written.

  1. Keyword frequency

Get SEO copywriting services

Using the main keyword frequently keeps the readers at bay with the purpose of the article. Imagine an article on the best SEO copywriting services, but keywords used once. With time, readers forget what the article is all about. They lose track of the intended purpose.

Use live keyword analyzers to analyze the keyword ratio in your content. The analyzer helps you gauge if all keywords are used at the expected frequency.

  1. Links

Make it easier for readers to get more info whenever possible. Keep linking and citing your sources.

  1. Fresh content

Keep your readers engaged with fresh content. Sites that frequently update content rank higher because they get more clicks.

Where to get quality SEO copywriting services?

Getting quality SEO copywriting services is not easy. However, some platforms make the process favorable. These platforms include:

  1. Websites

Check online for websites offering copywriting services. All you need to do is type SEO copywriting services, and you will get 10s of choices. The top 5 sites on the list are the best as they rank high in search.

  1. Blogs

Companies giving copywriting services write blogs to advertise their services. Depending on the content of the blog, gauge if their advertising is worth a dime. If their advert is persuasive enough, probably, their copy-written content is too.

  1. Social media

Most social media platforms have become a marketing tool for many professionals. Look into writing groups both local and international for persons offering SEO copywriting services. Check for quality grammar before anything else. If grammar is good, check on the flow, and their ability to market their skills.

How to structure SEO content for your business?

Before we exercise elements of SEO copywriting, we first understand your needs as our client. We also read your previous postings to see what your readers like.

Other main structural features include;

  1. Understand the sale point of your business
  2. Read and understand your instructions like keywords usage
  3. Follow the process of writing SEO copywriting
  4. Employ SEO elements

In summary

Quality comes first, then affordability. To get quality, you must know what to look for. A deeper understanding of what SEO copywriting services is required. What to expect and gain after acquiring the services is crucial too. With the knowledge of the process and elements of SEO copywriting, you get quality and affordable services. Our Company has all this know-how which makes us your best go-to for all your SEO copywriting needs.

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