How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

Most businesses that thrive online today have mastered the art of how to write SEO friendly articles every time they post content on their site. This is a secret that most online entrepreneurs understand, especially concerning search engine results. All successful websites try to have positive Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). These are pages that are displayed by search engines as an answer to user queries. Great SEO content writers have mastered the skill of writing relevant content that suits search engines. But how do you become a pro at this? This article attempts to explore the different tips that can make anyone write an SEO friendly article with so much ease.

how to write seo friendly article

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Expert writing services such as understand how crucial SEO content is for website ranking. You can count on such sites for the best SEO article writing service. It starts by understanding what SEO friendly content is all about. Read on to discover more.

SEO meaning

SEO refers to search engine optimization. Think about what happens when you type a query on Google’s search tab. A list of search results often pops up as the most relevant source of your query. Such results appear because of SEO.

This is the process of growing both the quality and quantity of your website’s traffic. It works by increasing the site’s visibility to all users of different web search engines like Google. Web pages can also be optimized for the same. Usually, it refers to the improvement of unpaid results. There is an exception to this rule regarding direct traffic and the buying of paid placement.

SEO friendly meaning

When learning how to write SEO friendly articles, understand that this type of content is created for search engines ranking. Writers need to present the content in such a way that search engines rank it higher. It is meant to be the most preferred content despite the numerous competitors out there. The goal is to help search engines find, understand, and connect with your content fast enough to give it preference. Be careful with keyword stuffing, as this could work against your purpose.

Established service providers like Script Millers pitch it as the best SEO writing services understand this too well. Once you understand that Google often displays web pages in their search results according to their authority and relevance, then you are good to go. This is meant to enhance user experience on Google. But how does it measure the said relevance and authority?

Google knows how relevant an article is by focusing on certain factors when analyzing content. Some of the parameters used include the frequency of using specific words. On the other hand, it measures authority based on the number of points linking to the page. It also considers the trustworthiness of the links. When creating content online, remember that links serve as votes that earn points.

In addition to the gauges above, quality is a crucial consideration when creating SEO friendly content. Looking at any SEO article example, you will notice that poor quality is often sidelined. Readers want to read interesting and useful content every time they search online.

What makes a Great SEO Write up?

Are you wondering about some of the best SEO friendly content guidelines? Well, as you learn how to write SEO friendly articles basics, take note of the following tips.

Excellent Keyword Search skills

As you struggle to master how to write SEO friendly articles, keep keyword search in mind. If you have decided to post content online, make sure it is discoverable by Google. Establish the keywords people are searching for and optimize for them. Make use of proper SEO copywriting tools to check for these keywords. Keep track of your target keywords with free or paid tools. The right keywords can go a long way in the creation of relevant, and useful content.

Let the Keywords Work for You

Finding the right keywords is one thing, but applying them in a useful way makes all the difference. Understand how to use chosen keywords naturally. Forced keywords tend to lower the quality of the article, which is not what you want.

Apply a tactical approach when using keywords. Avoid stuffing them in one paragraph or section of the article, as this will work against you. Spread them logically throughout the article, making sure you use the main keyword in the right places to increase visibility. Most importantly, use keywords that people search for.

how to write seo friendly article

Remember that you are the only person who knows your business best. Use SEO to your advantage, ensuring that you use it to make your relevant content useful. Learn all you can about how to write SEO friendly articles.

Scout for People Ask Questions

People Ask Questions can improve the quality of your content if used properly. Google often lists some of the most common questions that many users keep asking. Every time you write related content, try your best to answer some, if not all of these questions. It increases the chances of people finding your page.

Figure Out the Basics of Technical SEO

Keyword optimization is great, but your site has to be indexed first, or it will be a lot of work that yields nothing. While it is true that writers need not know about migrating a site, maximizing crawl budgets, or enabling HTTPS across domains, basic technical SEO knowledge on how to make SEO work for you is crucial.

Knowing how Google crawls pages is one such technical knowledge writers must understand. You may also have to figure out how Google hands link authority. Such knowledge helps when it comes to building strategies. Note that SEO writing does not stop at writing one single blog post. It is important to write several of them and link them up. Once you understand how things work, writing targeted content will be a walk in the park. Additionally, master how to optimize websites for several keywords.

Length Matters in SEO

Length should be one of the things you look out for when learning how to write SEO friendly articles. Don’t rush to write short blog posts. While there is nothing wrong with such articles, they may not be best suited for SEO. What’s more, valuable content tends to be long and detailed, which is what users want.

In-depth content ranging from 1500 to 2000 words is perfect for SEO. If you must keep the article short, try to make it 600 words or more. Longer content also registers lower bounce rates because readers will stay longer on your page.

Keep Your Eye on the Analytics

It is not enough to just write a great SEO article and forget about it. The basics of how to write SEO friendly articles covers the subject of monitoring progress. As long as you are optimizing this content, keep monitoring using Google analytics. Keyword density is crucial, but the time people spend on your page, as well as bounce rates are crucial data. High bounce rates tell you to write longer and more useful content that will keep visitors long enough to count. It could also mean that you are not optimizing keywords as you should.

Edit Content Properly

Never submit content that is marred with a lot of spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and formatting issues. What this does is portray you as an incompetent writer who takes no time to edit their work. Readers will avoid reading your content if other options exist. No one wants to keep correcting mistakes every time they read. It does not matter how relevant or great the article is. Mistakes lower the quality of an article almost immediately. Having someone else go through your work helps clear any errors and gives it a polished feel. Publish near-perfect content only.

Act as Your Personalized PR Agent

how to write seo friendly article

Doing all the SEO stuff properly only means that the work is halfway done. Try your best to link your articles in many places as you can. Leave comments on blogs and provide links to your content. Realize that web content management supports content writing. Join social media platforms such as Quora and Reddit and share your links where relevant. The more people read your content, the better for you.

Time Factor

Learn to appreciate that this process takes time. Unlike some magic where things tend to work overnight, proper SEO takes time. Writing is part of the process, but expecting overnight results is far-fetched. Keep practicing and applying these tips until you hit the jackpot.

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

Now that you know what it takes to make SEO work for you, focus on becoming one of the best SEO content writers. Fortunately, it takes a few steps to get there. Below are some of the best SEO content writing tips you ought to consider.

Original and Unique Content Works Every Time

As mentioned earlier, readers want useful content. Make it fresh, relevant and authentic. Avoid copying from other sources. Cite to credible sites in case you reference any information. This may not mean that you come up with new proposals. On the contrary, it calls for writers to be creative and write content in a smart way, even if they are presenting a similar argument. Google is smart when it comes to detecting copied content.

While it is ethical to copy content online as long as you link to the original source, this does not pass in terms of uniqueness. SEO friendly content must be unique. Simply paraphrasing a few lines, and quoting a few more will not work. Introduce new content and ideas in every written content. Making changes to the reference text and making it 100% unique is most advised. Fortunately, there are several tools one can use to achieve perfect uniqueness.

Research and Do Your Homework Well

Your post’s title is very important. Structure your titles in a way that search engines will easily understand what your page is about. It should also give users a hint of what to expect if they read the article. The title should also entice newsletter subscribers to look forward to new emails. Good titles also encourage advertisers to want to post on the page.

Keywords are crucial in ensuring that titles are up to par. Choose titles that are close to what people want to know. Use search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google to know specific keywords that work. Ensure that your attractive title is less than 65 characters.

Write a Powerful Introduction

One of the basics of how to write SEO friendly articles is having a powerful intro. Include a call to action or hook that catches the attention of the reader. Help search engines understand the context of your content when crawling indexing. A good introduction convinces search engines and readers that you are on the right track.

The first two to three lines of your content should have the main keyword. This makes it SEO friendly. Written content in this section should also be relevant enough to keep readers interested in reading more.

The Body is Crucial

Describe details of you are title in the body section. Use all keywords naturally without stuffing them. Avoid writing fluff and unnecessary information that could distract the reader. Focus on relevant content only.

Learn how to Interlink

Make a point of prioritizing the use of links in your content. Internal links are great for SEO. Use links from other articles you wrote previously to maximize SEO gains. Links make it easy for readers to navigate other relevant content on your website. You can easily build steady traffic and loyal fans this way.

Make the Article Attractive by Using Images

Apply necessary formatting skills, such as the use of italics and bold fonts, to increase visibility. Also, use pictures and photos for free stock sites or original content to avoid copyright issues. When writing about statistical data, consider using infographics. There should be a great difference in all your SEO articles 2020.

Include Name and Short Bio

Readers today want to know who is writing to them. Apart from establishing the authority behind the information, it also serves to satisfy their curiosity. With the web slowly moving away from anonymity, adding your biodata can help a great deal. It is especially crucial when writing sensitive content.

Add Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Both the Meta descriptions and meat titles help with SEO results. Figure out the accepted lengths of both to optimize the content properly. Meta descriptions also help readers decide if they will open your page or not. This is the brief description on the web page that comes up when search results pop up. A captivating description will keep more people interested and possibly prompt them to click on the page.

Optimize Images

Adding images is good for breaking the monotony of long passages. It helps improve readability. Pictures are also great for SEO as long as they are used properly. They help in understanding more details about the content. However, picking the right pics matters.

Choose free images, and optimize the size. You do not want the images to overpower the content. Consider adding ALT text that gives a short description of what the pic is about. Finally, use relevant file names.

Read Through the Content

Once you are done writing the SEO content, step away from it for a short while. Do this to get a clear perspective when you come back to edit the text. Never publish unsatisfying content. Errors and improper structuring are a turnoff. Read the text loudly to note the presence of any strange sentences. Make sure that the article is easy to read.


Reading through also helps you establish whether the written content is useful. It should answer the reader’s concerns. Confirm that the title and content match. You must have met the reader’s intent by the time you are concluding things.

Crosscheck minor issues such as length, picture, and video relevance, as well as information quality. Only publish content that you will be happy to read.

You may come across an SEO article template when searching online. Rather than follow blindly, ensure that all the comments discussed above are captured in the template. Use any SEO friendly content checker to confirm crucial elements such as keyword density. Remember that your content should be easy for any search engine to understand.

The Bottom-line

Anyone can learn how to write SEO friendly articles. Follow the SEO writing for beginners tips keenly and keep practicing. It takes time to yield positive results, but consistency will get you there.

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