10 Proven SEO Writing for Beginners Tips

These SEO writing for beginners should help kickstart your blog post writing career and help you get in the search engine’s first page. You don’t have to be an expert to implement these SEO tips.

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is the art of crafting your web pages to garner more traffic from search engines. As a result, there are several factors that you must consider, especially for SEO writing for beginners. The main key here is to create informative and interesting content that makes your views stay on your website for longer. Besides helping to make your visitors view your website for longer, implementing the best SEO basics and tricks will also help you have a following of repeat visitors.

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By implementing SEO writing for beginners, you can obtain higher rankings even for high traffic keywords. And your only task will be to nail SEO. Everything else, such as your writing, can come in second place. Often, traditional writers forget to implement SEO in their writings, which can be quite costly.

Below, we have highlighted the top SEO writing tips and tricks that you can use to kickstart your SEO campaign.

seo writing for beginners

10 SEO Writing for Beginners Tips

One of the best SEO writing for beginners tips that you must implement as a new writer is that you must never get confused by the overload of information that’s online. You can now find thousands of SEO writing tactics that may end up discouraging you from practicing these SEO basics.

Fortunately, there are also several websites that provide genuine information about SEO writing for beginners. The SEO writing tips mentioned below should help anyone who is just getting started with SEO basics.

Your Headlines Should Pack a Punch

In as much as headlines should be short and to the point, you must also remember to make them impactful. You have a very short amount of words to make a big first impression on your visitors. Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of crafting an impactful headline. It’s vital that you always write clear, interesting headlines and remember to use rich keywords as well.

Additionally, ensure that you also use an interesting meta description that further elaborates on your article topic. Your heading and meta description are the two things that will show up in your search results. Thus, you must make them count.

Fresh Content

Besides writing optimized content, you must also remember to make Google love your articles. Google only always ranks the content that it loves and ranks them much higher. The best way that you can do this is by creating fresh content with each blog that you upload. Fresh content is not only relevant to users, but it also helps Google to know that your website is active.

True, it’s not always easy to produce fresh, high-quality content every time you write a new paper. Fortunately, there are other effective ways that you can always make your papers look fresh. For one, you only always need to update your already existing content with current, relevant information. You also need to update your refreshed pages with current dates. This is perhaps one of the best ways that you can make your older articles fresh again. Republishing old posts can help make your content look more current.

Write Longer Posts

As much as content is a vital factor in SEO ranking, the length of your posts matters just as much. From an SEO point, longer articles are always more powerful compared to shorter blogs. That’s mainly because longer articles always have more keywords and also provide more information that will benefit the user. Most SEO experts usually advise that writers write blogs that are longer than 2,000 words. At the same time, your writing must be of high-quality.

Also, having longer content doesn’t always count if your blog isn’t high quality. It’s always important that you produce high-quality blogs since users also always look for unique, interesting content that is worth sharing as well.

Longer blog posts also improve the dwell time that users spend on your blog before they return to the search results page. If you can create longer content that’s also engaging and of high quality, then you can trust that visitors will stay on your page for much longer and read more. Similarly, longer dwell time shows Google that users actually enjoy your content.

Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Blog

This basically means that your blog must also be adaptive to mobile devices. Most blogs now strive to make their websites as mobile-friendly as possible for many reasons. For one, Google started penalizing sites that weren’t mobile-friendly by not ranking them as well. Also, you find that most consumers nowadays use their mobile phones to browse the internet. As a result, it’s critical that you optimize your webpage and content to be more mobile-friendly. You don’t want your content consumers to have a bad user experience reading your blogs.

Write for Your Audience First

The main reason why you post any content online is so that people can see them and relate to them as well. This is the number one SEO writing for beginners tip that every new writer must implement. It may seem easy enough, but you still find that many writers produce content for the wrong reasons.

seo writing for beginners

As an SEO writer, you must always remember to write content that appeals to your target market and answers their questions. As a writer, you must note that not all posts always have to be about your products or services that you provide. In as much as your articles should be industry-related, your readers should also be able to relate to them. Ensure, therefore, that you assert yourself and the company as an expert by writing content that’s both interesting and informative to your readers. And all this while remembering to make your blog better than your competition.

Use Keyword-Rich Phrases

Another effective SEO writing for beginners is to use relevant keyword-rich phrases throughout your content. This will also help to make your readers and search engines to know what your blog is about. Be aware, however, not to use too many keywords as this may be off-putting and turn off your readers. Not to mention the search engine penalties that you may face regarding keyword stuffing. Remember, therefore, that you use your keywords sparingly and thoughtfully. Stick to a more natural feel and use your keywords.

Similarly, it would help if you used your keywords equally throughout the body of your articles. This helps to make your blog to have a more natural feel and tagging capabilities.

Structure Your Posts

It’s also always possible even high-quality content if you use unorganized, inefficient formats. Breaking your blogs up into shorter paragraphs with headlines will help to make it easier to read and make your readers more engaged. Back-end organization is also critical for search engines too. You must remember to use proper tag hierarchy when you are tagging headlines as well to maintain a well-structured article.

Promote Natural Link Building

Since the inception of the internet, link building has also come a long way, especially when you think about the days of link farms and link building. Still, links are an important factor and necessity for SEO. One of the best linking practices that you can do is to link to your own articles in your posts. This will help to ensure that your blogs have links that lead back to your website, supposing other sites decide to use them.

Adding an embedded code on your websites can also help to promote your content sharing efforts. This can be especially helpful if you want to be creative with other content types like videos and infographics. Similarly, creating interesting, high-quality content can also help to increase the shareability of your blog and the likelihood of other people linking to it. Ensure, therefore, that you aim for quality.

Site Speed

Your site speed is also critical, especially for search engine rankings. Google also ranks websites using their website speeds. Google itself has admitted that it considers page loading speed as a vital SEO ranking signal. Several studies have always shown that over 75% almost never re-visit websites that take longer than four seconds to load.

Incorporate Imagery

Lastly, and perhaps another critical SEO writing feature, is the use of images in your posts. People are always visual. Therefore, adding images in your blog posts can help to make your posts to make a big impression. In addition to helping promote your blogs, posts with images also help to add another avenue for traffic that comes to your website.

It’s vital to note that the SEO writing for beginners tips mentioned above just scratch the surface of all the things that you must use to gain high rankings with search engines. It’s always a good idea to do in-depth research on how search engines work before you jump right into all of it. SEO can be an extremely long process, and its results may also not come immediately. The secret here is, therefore, to learn as much about SEO basics as you can to perfect SEO writing conventions.

Why Writing for SEO is Important

Simply put, writing for SEO is the best way to ensure that your content reaches most of your readers. SEO is the ticket that you need to get your blog post to the first pages in Google. Otherwise, all of your hard work writing informative, interesting posts will all be in vain. Readers wouldn’t find your content. It wouldn’t serve anybody, which wouldn’t do your website any good. It’s always important that you optimize your blog posts as much as possible so that search engines can rank you high in their roaster. Remember, this is the channel that your users will use to get to your content.

seo writing for beginners

As a beginner in the SEO writing business, having your content ranked high in Google is a dream come true. That’s why it’s vital that you also actively participate in this beautiful adventure and use SEO effectively.

Your content should be:

  • Optimized
  • Understand your readers’ pain points and provide solutions or answers to their questions
  • Contain natural language for all visitors

Fortunately, Google also offers directions in different queries that writers might have. This makes it even more critical that you understand the basics of implementing SEO in your blogs.

The True Challenges of Using SEO

SEO writing for beginners can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know the basic strategies to adopt in your writing. SEO also isn’t without its challenges. Here are some of the common obstacles that you are likely to face when using SEO in your writings:

Investing Time

This is perhaps the most challenging issue that writers have to overcome. Managing an SEO strategy can be quite tough, especially for writers who have tons of other responsibilities with very short deadlines. Remember, however, that you can also always hire outside experts to help shoulder the load. Consequently, you can measure your return on investment to prevent you from losing your money on fruitless campaign efforts.

Finding Appropriate Targets

Without optimizing your SEO efforts appropriately, you are also more likely to have visitors who your blog posts don’t help. Often, the best way you can address this issue is to find and incorporate the best honest answers in your posts. Also, try to summarize your business and make it as simple as you can to help you summarize and describe your content. Another great strategy to use is to ask your users directly what they would prefer to read from your website and write about it.

Adjusting Your Strategy

Admittedly, it isn’t always easy for a new SEO writer to know what to adjust or when to adjust it. This often happens even to writers who accurately measure the initial results of their campaign. It’s not always easy to overcome this problem, even for industry experts. The best way forward that you can take is to move forward is to research more on the niche that you want to write about. You could also always make educational guesses provided that they help your viewers to get to the root of their problems. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments to your campaign without much stress.

seo writing for beginners

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There you have it, these SEO writing for beginners tips should help get you up to speed about SEO basics and how to improve your blog post rankings. The SEO writing tips and tricks mentioned above should help you to garner more traffic and have more visitors on your website.

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