Top 10 Content & Article Writing Websites

Are you looking for websites that pay you to write short stories, eBooks, creative pieces, or informative articles? If so, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will look at the top ten article writing websites.

Article Writing Websites

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Article Writing Websites

While some people want to get articles online for free, others want to write them at a fee. There are a lot of creative individuals who are passionate about writing. However, most do not get an opportunity of showcasing their work or even earning from these skills. The primary reason for this is because they do not know of article writing websites that pay individuals to write articles. Nonetheless, they are quite many on the web. Here is a list of the top ten ranked article writing websites in both the UK and USA:

1. iWriter

iWriter is a cheap article writing service where individuals can start writing immediately. It goes to mean that you can start writing and earning today from the website. However, there is one trick. An individual has to write original and catchy articles that readers are in love with. It is effortless to achieve this. All one has to do is to tap into their creative element and craft a unique and relatable article. If you, therefore, deliver and write excellent articles, then go to the website and learn how to become their writer. Their payment is reasonable, meaning you can reap a lot from your creativity and writing skills.

2. Script Millers 

Script Millers is another popular content writing service in the entire world. The site stands out from other article writing websites due to its unique content. All article writing websites know how vital it is for them to produce authentic and admirable content. This is the factor that drives traffic to your site. The writers at Script Millers understand this, and they have been providing exceptional content for the longest time now. At Script Writers, both the writers and the audience benefit a lot. This is because Script Writers have mastered the art of impressing both parties through the art of words.

popular content writing service

What to Expect at Script Writers

Unlike other article writing websites, there is a lot you should expect from Script Writers. These includes:

a. Exemplary Content

The writers at Script Millers are familiar with writing SEO content. Thus, it means that they can comfortably write SEO blogs, SEO articles, web content, press releases, and so on.

b. Informative Content

At Script Millers, you can also expect to acquire educational magazines, articles, Resumes, eBooks, and other educative content.

3. Strong Whispers

Strong Whispers is one of the most renowned article writing websites. It offers its audience a wide range of material. The content ranges from lifestyle, environmental problems, to other significant societal issues. However, the list of the coverage of Strong Whispers does not stop here. It is endless. The good thing about this extensive coverage is the fact that the writers’ contribution is also not limited. Therefore, writers can come with many ideas, if at all, they are creative and relevant to the audience. For example, they can write articles on education reforms, changes in the world leadership issues relating to corporate greed, exploitation of resources, and so much more.

How to Become a Writer at Strong Whispers

It is not easy to identify content writing companies. Due to this, most people do not know how to make a living from article writing services. Nonetheless, it is straightforward, especially at Strong Whispers. The pay is good, given that you can negotiate on the article’s earnings. The website typically pays between fifty and one hundred and fifty US dollars for every published article. The site can, however, pay more to a writer with relatable articles. Here are the three steps you need to follow if you want to work with Strong Whispers:

Step 1

Send your fee expectation and an article outline of an article you would like to write about to Strong Whispers. Your topic has to stand out due to its uniqueness. Besides that, it has to relate to the audience of Strong Whispers and have a considerable impact on them. After sending this, Strong Whispers will ask you to send them your current blog URL so that they can better understand your writing style. They will get back to you and tell you if your topic of concern interests them. Additionally, they will tell you if your sample outline meets their review criteria.

Step 2

If you are told that your sample meets their writing criteria, then you will get a writing invite. This means that you have been invited to write for them. Go ahead and write your article. Before you write, they will provide you with their guidelines. Ensure you meet all the instructions to meet their standards. After you are done, submit it to them for review. They are strict during the analysis since they do not tolerate any mediocre articles. Instead, they accept authentic, well crafted, and grammatically correct content.

Step 3

The final step entails getting the results after Strong Whispers review your article. They can grant you three answers. These include approved, rejected due to poor quality, or require minor changes. Approved means that your article will be published either immediately or at a future date. After it is published, you will get your payment.

4. Wow Women on Writing

If you are looking for article writing services USA, then head on to Wow Women on Writing. The website hires female writers who are focused on delivering quality and excellent content for women. The site also focuses on encouraging women to venture into freelancing and innovative businesses. The articles written at Wow Women on Writing are quite comprehensive and thorough. They are meant to train the writers on their skills as well as showcase their creativity and content.

Top 10 Content & Article Writing Websites

How Wow Women on Writing Operates

Wow Women focuses on three things. These are the women, writers, and a monthly theme. So, if you want to join the Wow Women on Writing team, then you need to know this. You also have to be familiar with the content produced on this writing website. So, take some time off and read Wow Articles. Reading them will give you an idea of what material the site generates. It is an excellent platform for any writer who wants to create informative, exciting, and useful content. However, one has to ensure that the ideas they write about are original. Wow Women on Writing does not tolerate duplicated or re-edited content.

5. Watch Culture

Watch Culture is also in the list of popular article writing websites. It is one of the article writing websites in the UK. So, if you were searching for article writing services UK, then Watch Culture is the platform for you. It offers the latest news and opinions monthly to millions of its users. The writers in this platform earn money by publishing articles on various coverage. For example, news on Sports, Music, Gaming, Film, and so on. It has a broad and strong audience that grows daily. Every week, hundreds of articles are posted. Some are even covered in BBC Radio, Sky News, Dublin FM, Metro Radio, and other famous national newspapers.

How Watch Culture Operates

The writers at Watch Culture get paid to write about anything. Initially, article writers with original and well-executed concepts earned massively from the website. Today, they continue to reap significant benefits based on how well they relate to their audience. The platform is also planning on setting up more massive video presences for filmmakers and YouTubers. Therefore, if you believe you can create engaging videos and also write interesting articles, then visit You will earn money by doing what you love.

6. Cracked

Cracked is typically a humor website. It is the best platform for a creative and funny article writer. A person does not have any experience whatsoever. However, one has to be good at designing original videos, infographics, and articles. Also, one has to be a talented article writer.

How to work at Cracked

If you are a funny, smart, and imaginative individual, then you need to register with Go to the website and click on the writer’s workshop. It will automatically take you to the message board where every writer is pitching their articles. You can also pitch an article idea. This is by stating the opinion with five subtopics all under the primary notion.

7. Link-Able

Link-Able is another website fitting in the list of highly-rated article writing websites. It offers creative and high-quality writers an opportunity of earning money from publishing unique articles. Unlike other article writing websites. Link-Able matches quality writers with businesses in search of content. These businesses may be looking for material to draw traffic or create an opportunity for them to earn mentions. These business may be in the niches such as finance, sports, business, healthcare, marketing, technology, and so on. Link-Able does not hire any writer. Instead, the website utilizes only native English authors who have a remarkable track of delivering high-quality work in English. Therefore, if you believe you possess these two qualities, go ahead and try your luck with Link-Able.

Top 10 Content & Article Writing Websites

8. net

Pay per Content is another website in the list of top ten article writing websites. It is one of the best article writing websites that potential authors can join when jump starting their writing career. It is very easy to use and navigate. So, you will have no problem when registering as a writer. The article writing website looks for creative and intelligent content writers who can write about anything and everything. However, their writing has to be unique and original. The compensation and incentives for its writers are excellent. You do not have to be in the USA or the UK to register. has freelance writers from many countries across the globe, including the Philippines, USA, India, Australia, the UK, Kenya, and Singapore. Hence, if you want to write high-quality articles and reap massively from your effort then register with

9. The Content Authority

The Content Authority is another content and article writing website. It is an excellent article writing website especially if you want to work from home and earn money online. At The Content Authority, an individual can write about anything and everything. For instance, an author can write an interesting blog post, a captivating short story, an informative article, or a detailed and thoughtful article. So, do not hesitate to register with The Content Authority if you love writing and would like to earn a few bucks from it. After you register with this article writing website, you will get some editorial guidance. Additionally, you will receive excellent compensation and the platform of writing numerous articles.

10. Developer Tutorials

Developer Tutorial is a unique article writing website from other content writing services. Unlike most article writing websites, Developer Tutorials focuses on granting its users articles with the latest programming and designing guides. Additionally, the materials also help in providing users with information about new and emerging technologies and techniques. Therefore, Developer Tutorials hires freelance writers who are knowledgeable and can offer high-quality tutorials in various elements. For example, in CSS, Java, Photoshop, AJAX, MySQL, ASP, Flash, Illustrator, PHP, Linux, JavaScript, and so on. The writers have to write authentic and useful articles that will benefit the reader after reading them. Some article ideas that can be covered in this website include “20 Cool Web Tools that can Make Your Development Easier” or “15 of the very Best Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials”.

Article Writing Websites

Are you a gifted freelance writer or creative designer who wants to make money from this skill? If so, then you need to check out these top ten content and article writing websites. They may vary depending on the niche they focus on. However, the underlying factor is that they pay impressive cash for excellent and unique articles and tutorials. Check them out!

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