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The digital age comes with a lot of exciting things. Often you wake up to a viral challenge or a viral post, or sometimes even viral audio. The thought of making your content go viral might fascinate you, but the problem is that you do not know how to. Well, the good news is that the digital age comes with a lot of other benefits. There are more than enough ways to help your content go viral.

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The creation of viral content is not rocket science. Neither is it a walk in the park. There is a lot of nitty-gritty that requires considerations. If at all you cannot get involved with the procedures of making your content go viral, then you could opt to seek cheap ghostwriters for hire. Most professional ghostwriters are well conversant with ways to help your content go viral. It would be advisable to seek help from experienced ghostwriters such as Scriptmillers.com.

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Getting cheap ghostwriters for hire comes as a relief to many content creators yearning to make viral content. Apart from offering writing services, ghostwriters know several ways to help your content go viral. In case you are stuck, you could always get cheap ghostwriters for hire to help with your material.

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Now that you are aware that there are several ghostwriters at your disposal, you might be wondering how much they charge. Scriptmillers, despite their high ratings, offer quite affordable services. The company ensures they secure and maintain their relationship with clients by charging the writing services at pocket-friendly prices. There are several cheap ghostwriters for hire that you could help you with ways to help your content go viral. The writers are well aware of what kind of content goes viral.

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25 Ways to Help Your Content Go Viral

There are several ways to help your content go viral. Among them would be cheap ghostwriters for hire who would do everything for you. Ghostwriters at Scriptmillers can confirm that the procedures provided below are among the best ways to help your content go viral. Let’s have a look at how things go viral on the internet.

Use social media influencers.

Let’s face it, if any celebrity would agree to share your content, then that could be a guarantee that your content would go viral within minutes, if not seconds. Many have tried getting the attention of these high- end celebrities to no avail. However, all hope is not lost. The digital age comes with a lot of avenues. Outreach marketing allows the use of social media influencers to market various content. There’s always a multiplier effect when influencers share your content.

Ensure you have captivating topics or headlines

A captivating headline to your content would act as the hook to your content. The truth of the matter is there are millions of materials on social media platforms, but it would take a compelling headline to draw the attention of users. Before any content becomes viral, it must attract some sort of attention. This technique best answers the question of how to go viral on the internet.

Insert images in your content

Human beings are visual beings. Research on the viral content reveals that posts with images get more shares than posts with no pictures. Therefore, adding a compelling image to your written content would increase the engagement between your post and the audience.

Evoke emotions through your content

Among the top, most shared contents on social media are posts that evoke the emotions of users.

The three most popular emotions include:

  • Amusement which takes up to 15%
  • Laughter takes up to 17%
  • Awe which takes up to 25%

With these statistics, it would be wise to say that any post with these top three emotions is likely to get shared. Conversely, the least shared emotions which make up 7% include anger and sadness. The sharing of content based on emotions evoked might make you wonder why people share various materials. Here is why:

  • Most people share content that is entertaining and valuable to their cycles.
  • A large percentage of people share posts that define their personalities.
  • People also share various contents to stay connected with their multiple cycles as a means of nourishing their relationships.
  • Others share content for self-fulfillment
  • Most people also share posts to notify the people they care about the contents of the post.

A keen study of these reasons reveals that the sharing of content is emotion-related. Sharing content with friends and families is a way of keeping the relationships livelier. However, other people like narcissists share content based on selfish reasons.

Content in the long-form gets more shares than short-form content

We would like to assume that most people would rather share short content than longer ones. However, the reverse is true. According to research, long-form content is likely to go viral as compared to short-form content. People might love to share funny pictures and memes, but most people would want soothing that awakens their intellectual sense.

Understand your audience

Understanding the nature of your audience would help your content go viral. By understanding your audience, you should be able to identify what materials interest your audience. This way, it would be easier to know what to avoid and what to concentrate on in your content. Your audience is likely to share any content that interests them.

Ways to Help Your Content Go Viral

The power of analytics

There is great power in analytics. How? When you analyze previous viral content, you are more likely to find out how the contents managed to get viral. Study the viral content to get new ideas on how to make your brand go viral. For example, if you are an article writer, it would be wise to study several viral articles to see the input of others into their viral blog posts.

Be authentic and creative.

Authenticity and originality are essential in making your content go viral. Online users are always keen on fresh content. Therefore, whenever you create something that is both creative and authentic, the number of shares would increase, which will simultaneously make your content go viral. Most viral contents usually depict high levels of authenticity.

Timing is vital for content to go viral

It is always important to consider the timing if you want to make your content go viral. The aspect of timing is diverse. You could consider posting your content at a time when most users are online. Furthermore, content posted concerning what is happening in real life is likely to generate more shares, which would make it go viral. Sometimes, however, it would be wise to pause on hilarious content when there is a recent case of tragedy. For these reasons, always consider the timing to ensure that you post your content at the right time.

Initiate discussions

A wise move in making your content go viral is by initiating discussions. Make sure to initiate discussion in exciting topics to engage your audience. The diversity in responses would make your original post more attractive. Interesting contents with interesting comments are likely to get more shares, which would make the contents go viral. In case you are wondering about how to make something go viral on Facebook, this is the best way.

Use number magic number 10 in your lists

You might be wondering why the number ten. Well, according to viral content experts, most lists with the number ten are likely to attract attention and simultaneously more shares. More shares result in your content going viral. Most viral articles with lists use this technique.

Create lists and infographics in your content

Creating a list and infographics in your material is beneficial in making your content go viral. Alongside your written content, you could opt to include lists and infographics to your content as well. Many content creators use this technique in viral content marketing.

Update your old content

For SEO content creators, it is important to understand that regular updates of your web content are ways to boost your web ranking on search engines. Why would you need to update your content? Well, mainly because your competitors are doing so too. It would be wise to keep up with them. Maintaining a top ranking on search engines requires that you keep on toes with other competitors.

Ways to Help Your Content Go Viral

Make people feel informed and wise through your content.

Playing with psychology could also help your content go viral. Most people love to feel wise and informed. When your content makes people feel this way, there is a great chance that people will share your material. Be informative through your content. Make people learn something they were unaware of. If you take the time to analyze most viral content examples, you might realize that this technique is quite common.

Make use of social media tools such as hashtags and thumbnails.

For content on social media, using social media tools could be of great help to your materials. According to experts on viral matters, content with tools such as hashtags and thumbnails get more shares than those without. Hashtags have been common lately and are a great tool to mobilize people into sharing your material. In case you are wondering about how to make a post go viral on Instagram, then this is the best way.

Build a relationship of trust between you and your readers or followers

Building a relationship of trust between you and your followers is a great way of marketing your content. You could do this by providing factual information to your followers. Provide information that your followers could always rely on. This way, they are likely to share any of your content and make the content go viral.

Build interactive and personal content

People love interactive and personal materials. Post stuff on your personal experiences. For article writers and bloggers, an easy way of building personal material is through reflective writing. Reflective writing is where you share your unique experiences and narrate how the experience changed you. You might realize that many other people out there are going through the same experiences. The mutual understanding might market your viral blog posts.

Share the content of other bloggers as well.

Being supportive of other people in the same industry could be rewarding. Support the works of your fellow bloggers and writers. Share their content. When you help in sharing their work, they might as well return the favor. This technique is a smart way of viral content marketing.

Run competitions and give out free giveaways

People love gifts. As a way of marketing your content, you could decide to run a competition and give your audiences some giveaways at the end of the competition. Channel the competition towards viral content marketing. This way, your content is likely to get more views, more likes, and more shares, and ultimately, it would go viral.

Recreate something out of your most popular content

You could always opt to use previous viral content to create something new out of it. The ideas might be the same, but you have to ensure that the content is unique to your audience. Repetition of old content might not do well on the internet. However, recreating a popular post would help in making the content go viral.

Create content that relates to current events

This technique might be among the best ways of making your content go viral. Amid great events or situations, create something that your audience would relate too. Here, you already have the subject matter; your creativity is all that matters. Customize current events into content that is likely to interest your audience. By doing so, your content would is likely to go viral.

Encourage your audience to share

This technique is a direct way to make your content go viral. Always try to encourage your audience to share your content without being too obnoxious about it. Some of your audience might share your content with other people in other forums. Shares start one by one, and before you know it, you are doing well in marketing your viral blog posts.

Consider areas that are popular yet unexplored.

When you conduct in-depth research on creating viral content, you might find out a variety of very popular content yet unexplored. Take advantage of the unexplored content. Fresh and new ideas in web content are likely to interest people. With the unexplored content, you are like to gain more views or shares that will make your content go viral.

Invite your readers or followers to subscribe to your content

Most social media influencers use this technique to increase traffic towards their viral content. The most common invites for subscriptions are usually on YouTube. Subscriptions notify your followers whenever you post any new content. With a vast amount of subscribers, social media influencers are likely to get more people to view their content. An influencer might post something on a social media platform, and it would gain 10,000 likes in an hour or less. The next time you want your content to go viral, be sure to invite your readers or followers to subscribe.

Understand the basics of SEO

Any article writer should understand that the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are a priority in their content. Understanding these basics would make your content among the top results in search engines such as Bing and Google. Article writers should ensure that they know how to insert appropriate keywords, internal and external links. SEO is an art that could profoundly influence the traffic on your content. This technique is usually the trick in most viral articles.

As seen above, there are several ways to help your content go viral. In these ways, you are now well versed in how to make something go viral on the internet. Getting cheap ghostwriters for hire is also an option.

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