20 Bona Fide Reasons Why SEO Matters in 2020

20 Bona Fide Reasons Why SEO Matters in 2020

Every entrepreneur should consider SEO an integral element in building a thriving and successful startup. The question of why SEO matters in 2020 with the dynamics in technology and digital marketing is of importance. Why SEO matters is a question, both the digital entrepreneurs and digital marketers encounter within and outside the marketing environment. SEO creates absolute traffic for the success of every website. Furthermore, there is a great competition, and therefore, it is fundamental to optimize your pages for SEO in 2020 to ensure more traffic and higher rankings on the various search engines. For this reason, Script Millers provides you with 20 bona fide reasons why SEO matters in 2020.

why SEO matters

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SEO or search engine optimization is the act of increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic for a website and brand exposure through organic or non-paid search engine results. Search engine optimization (SEO) entails what different people are reaching for online, the words they use, the products they are looking for, and the kind of information and content they want. Understanding and knowing the answers to the questions allow you to connect with these people to search for the solutions you provide online.

What Is SEO

Generally, the entire concept of search engine optimization is like a coin; it has two sides. First, one side knows the intentions of your audience, and the other side is the delivery of these intentions in a manner that search engine crawlers can identify and understand.

SEO in full as search engine optimization is a digital marketing discipline that involves practicing using search engines like Bing and Google for business marketing and exposing your brand to several people who keep search online.

Search engines like Google provide paid advertising techniques; on the other hand, SEO provides users with a potential marketing advantage of free adverts; that is, you need to make no payments to use SEO.

Does SEO Matter?

It is essential to know the reality that SEO matters in 2020; however, most of its practices and techniques have evolved. For instance, Google’s 2019 BERT update shifts the attention of SEO professionals to focus on content optimization based on search intentions instead of keywords. Additionally, in as much as businesses need SEO 101, they will have to be quick to adapt to the rapid shifts in the marketing landscape.

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Why Is SEO Important In 2020?

First, in this post, we will examine the 20 bona fide reasons why SEO matters in 2020 in your business. The benefits of SEO for business include:

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Distribution of content
  3. SEO impacts research and the buying cycle
  4. Search engine optimization leverages social media sharing.
  5. Enhancement of your website visibility
  6. SEO enables you to capitalize on weak competitors
  7. Improvement of the speed of the website
  8. Increased followers on various social media platforms
  9. Creation of a synergy of all online marketing activities
  10. An improved gain of the share of the market
  11. SEO is a long-term strategy in marketing
  12. Search engine optimization ensures your website is mobile-friendly
  13. Establishment of brand awareness
  14. Building credibility and trust
  15. Encouragement of close users to pay a visit to the physical store after search
  16. Better management of cost promotion
  17. SEO results in higher rates of potential conversion
  18. Search engine optimization fetches higher close rates
  19. Essential primary source of leads
  20. Driving of offline sales


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective form of marketing online. Additionally, SEO delivers higher return foe each invested dollar after a period. The expenses on content creation, web hosting, and design are the same irrespective of the number of people visiting your site. That is to say, the marketing costs are similar, whether one in every a hundred or every five buys a service or product from you.

Effective SEO attracts many, as much as even millions of targeted customers, and thus, increasing the rates of conversion as you deliver the actual solution of the issues they experience.

why SEO matters

Distribution of Content

A focus on legitimate link building and SEO leads your business in the development of useful and relevant content that people would share and provide the digital word of mouth, the digital voice.

SEO Impacts Research and The Buying Cycle

First, SEO ensures an increase in your sales without increasing your marketing cost, hence increasing profits over time. Due to the fundamental impact of better conversion and increased sales, SEO can enhance your business objectives at a better return on investment compared to other forms of online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization Leverages Social Media Sharing

SEO plays an essential role when it gets to engage in social media. Also, SEO related parameters determine the content shared on social media platforms. The title and the meta description will influence what anyone shares on their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ profile.

Furthermore, SEO will determine how people view and think of your website content since you get to control what people read.

Enhancement of Your Website Visibility

It is through your website that you create the first online contact and impression to your prospects, and attract potential investors, partners, or new clients. However, unless people can find your website, it is as good as nothing. Hence, there is a great need for SEO to boost your online visibility and ranking in the various search engines like Google and Bing.

why SEO matters

SEO Enables You to Capitalize on Weak Competitors

When the competitors have a smaller budget, they are prone to make several mistakes. Also, competitors can spend a lot of money doing TV commercials without creating a connection to the various divisions of the market search. Thus, there exists a wide gap between the business and the target population. Therefore, SEO can assist in taking advantage of such weaknesses your competitors have. Hence, SEO becomes an efficient and effective move for startups, small and medium-sized businesses.

Additionally, SEO allows you to pick particular words on the adverts and use them as major keywords and target the traffic through a combination of organic SEO and pay-per-click adverts campaigns since their impacts are usually fast and instant.

Improvement of The Speed of The Website

Your website speed has a direct effect on its ranking on the search engines websites. Speed is essential to avoid customer satisfaction reduction and, thus, promote your business further with better user experience.

Increased Followers on Various Social Media Platforms

Most people get to know about you as soon as you land on the first page of search engines. Consequently, your brand awareness also grows even on other social media platforms. As a result, people are likely to follow you on your social media platforms, which you can also use to market.

Creation of a Synergy of All Online Marketing Activities

The marketing channels you generate demand for people to ask the search engine for services and products, such as the ones you provide. Therefore, if your website is not present to collect the demand you invest in creating, the competitors will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Improved Gain of The Share of The Market

Topping search results translate to a high tendency to be located by internet users who then become your leads.

SEO Is a Long-Term Strategy in Marketing

In as much as SEO delivers quick results proving its effectiveness under short term conditions, it delivers a continuous return on investment over a long-term period. Additionally, it is cheaper to attract more traffic to your website compared to other advertising channels.

SEO Is a Long-Term Strategy in Marketing

Furthermore, a proper SEO analysis can ensure your site stays on the front page of search results over a long period without spending any money in the future. Investing in SEO is an effective and efficient move; a little investment in SEO results in a long-term return on investments. Therefore, it is advisable to continuously ensure you utilize the SEO services least your website goes down on ranking.

Search Engine Optimization Ensures Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Since Google search ranks the website in terms of mobile-friendliness, SEO ensures to improve uses experience may making mobile-friendly websites to devices.

Establishment of Brand Awareness

Normally, branding can be chaotic, complex, and costly. However, SEO can make your brand stick to consumers’ minds irrespective of the challenges and the number of brands available in the market. Having more people visiting your site and placing orders from you will have them going on to tell your friend about you, and they might come back next time. Thus, SEO is the ultimate way to keep the cycle complete by tanking your site high and attracting more traffic.

Building of Credibility and Trust

Every business aims at making its brands better, stronger, and well recognized. SEO ensures all that. The ultimate objective should be, when people search for various business phrases and keywords, yours should appear at the top of the search results. Remember, psychology overrules, and prospects will believe that your product or service is the best in the market.

Your website title and meta description play a key role in relaying important marketing information to the audience; this can, therefore, strengthen your brand, and market your services or products in line with your strategic business objectives.

Building of Credibility and Trust

To skyrocket your credibility with your audience, you must get inside the heads of your prospects, communicate to them in a language they understand, step into their shoes, and present them with solutions.

Encouragement of Close Users to Pay a Visit to The Physical Store After Search

The probability of clients visiting your shop after an online encounter is usually high, especially when they have a good online experience.

Better Management of Cost Promotion

Inbound strategies such as search engine optimization lower the lead generation cost when compared to the outbound strategies. Additionally, the business is likely to experience no costs at all when using inbound strategies. Conversely, outbound strategies such as direct sales and visiting of clients have no or maybe less effect on the magnitude of traffic on your website while at the same time, you have incurred some cost.

SEO Results to Higher Rates of Potential Conversion

Using keywords can help determine how big a market is, the number of people searching for a particular keyword, how competitive the platform is using SERPs, and get the reasons why. Therefore, having a professional SEO can help optimize the keywords to generate more returns y having more conversions to your website. This is possible via web traffic and by keenly tapping into the search intent, building trust, addressing your audience issues and concerns, and convincing prospects that your company is the best to do business with.

Search Engine Optimization Fetches Higher Close Rates

Outbound or reaching out to clients usually result in lower rates of conversion. However, statistics prove that about a 14.6% close rate if from the leads from SEO. Also, since customers already know what they want, SEO leads to ensure that they get as close as the customer requirement to provide for solutions.

Essential Primary Source of Leads

Inbound strategies such as social media, search engine optimization (SEO), referrals, content marketing, among others, are the most effective and efficient successful sources of leads. Therefore, failure to get more leads from the tactics from SEO means you must revisit your activities.

Driving of Offline Sales

It is on the web that offline sales start. Study shows that most consumers go online to locate local businesses from where to purchase the commodity offline, in the store. Also, this is the reason why most offline businesses cannot ignore online marketing. Hence SEO is the basic foundation for digital marketing strategy for every company. The website provides and delivers leads to your business.

Additionally, using SEO brings people actively seeking for solutions that you provide to your virtual doorstep.

Why Is SEO Important in Digital Marketing?

To understand how SEO works for business in the digital era is fundamental. The following reasons are why SEO is so important in digital marketing.

  1. Off-page optimization
  2. On-page optimization

Below illustrate how valuable is SEO exposure and impact of SEO

  • Increased traffics
  • SEO provides you with the ability to track your return on investment
  • Cost-effective – SEO is both cost-effective and efficient
  • Increase in site visibility and usability
  • Search engine optimization results to increase in your brand awareness.

To conclude, it is essential for small and medium-sized organizations, startups, and corporations to embrace SEO in their digital marketing strategies. Therefore, this article focuses on making you understand the impact of foundational SEO and Google SEO 101 by providing 20 bona fide reasons why SEO matters in 2020. For more information and SEO professional assistance, visit scriptmillers.com.

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